Albert Einstein Biography

Albert Einstein (March, 14 1879 - April 18, 1955) – genius physicist who founded basis for development of modern physics. He was born in poor family in Germany in 1879. Vicious by nature boy was deeply religious; his school success was no different from the other students. After reading Kant’s philosophical works he became keen of mathematics and physics. He studied at Luitpold Gymnasium where he stood out by perfect knowledge of exact sciences.

He moved to Italy and then to Switzerland. However, received a certificate in the Swiss school of Aarau, and then enthusiastically studied at the Faculty of Education at the Polytechnic. According to Einstein, to remember the material does not need to memorize just logically analyze the material.

His passion for physics and mathematics as well as constant researches leaded to publication of number of articles regarding static mechanics and molecular physics. His most famous doctrine is relativity theory. It is based on geometrical relativity theory of Lobachevsky. Another greatest development of Einstein are his works in photo effect and Brownian movements. Using quantum statistics Einstein with Bose physicist opened the fifth state of matter which in their honor was called Bose-Einstein condensate.

Then he moved to US and begun teach physics at Princeton’s University. In parallel with teaching he developed theory of uniform gravitational-electromagnetic field. He died in 1955, his body antyested.

As greatest scientist and founder of various doctrines Einstein was very modest and communicable till the end of his life.