Amy Winehouse Biography

Childhood and adolescence

The singer was born more than thirty years ago in London. Her family was Jewish, including a taxi driver and a pharmacist. Her relatives were popular jazz musicians, and this is what influenced her early musical interest. Her parents divorced when Amy was still a child, and she stayed with the mother. Her grandmother was the one who offered her to go to a local theater where she got vocal and dancing education. This is when Winehouse founded her first (but short-lived) group. However, she left her school after piercing her nose and behaving badly. Amy succeeded to appear in one popular show with other kids from her school.

Early career

Amy played guitar a lot and start writing songs as a teen. She had to start working for a living quite early, and she was a journalist and started singing with a local band. Amy became a vocalist at one orchestra before signing her first studio contract. The future representative heard her quite accidentally, and the debut album was released soon after, many of its songs resembled jazz, and they received positive reviews. This album even succeeded to enter the upper levels of UK charts and achieved platinum sales, and Amy was nominated for music awards.

Career success

The singer shifted her focus to groups from the past compared to her first album. Winehouse hired a famous musician to back up her when writing her new album Back to Black. First, its first demo tracks, including Rehab, were introduced and the entire album was a bit later. Rehab is still considered by many fans her best and most popular single.

Then a debut DVD was released and it received many positive reviews as well. Her first album was ranked high on US charts. Winehouse also performed at different festivals and was introduced at MTV Awards. Her US tour was stopped because of health concerns, just like other public performances. Finally, the singer won many Grammy Awards, but it’s interesting that she had to sing her songs via satellite because her visa approval wasn’t received in time. The next DVD was released to win her even more awards and nominations.

Later career

Amy Winehouse wanted to form her own group, but this process was delayed because of visa problems. Her spokesman declared that she had no deadlines to finish her third album. She kept working with Sallam Remi and claimed that her new album would be complete this year, but it didn’t happen. Winehouse gave 5 concerts in Brazil and started her European tour, but its starting performance in Belgrade was a disaster because she appeared drunk, so she had to cancel other shows. The singer died 5 years ago because of intoxication. Her last record was a duet with an American singer, and her album of different previously unreleased materials was soon introduced to the public as well.

Personal life

Alex Clare was her first well-known boyfriend, and they met when they broke up with future husband. They lived together, but he sold a scandalous story to newspapers later. Blake and Amy were often pictured bruised after fights. Winehouse married Blake almost 8 years ago in Miami. Her parents were the first ones to report fears that this couple might commit suicide. Her husband introduced the singer to drugs and spent time in jail for committing assaults. They divorced 2 years before her tragic death.