Angelina Jolie Biography

Childhood and adolescence

LA is Angelina's native city where she appeared to the world in 1975.  Jon Voight is her dad, and her mom was a young unknown actress of French origin. Angelina’s dad often cheated on her mom that is why her parents parted when Angelina was 1. Angelina's mom took her and her sibling away to New York. She gave up her dream to be a famous actress and was raising her children. 

Being 6, Angelina has emerged in her dad's motion picture “In Search of a Path”. 

As a kid, Angelina had eccentric character. At nine she made her mind to found a funeral house. At school, she was visiting therapist. Teachers considered her a sociopath. Being 11 years of old, she came back to her dad's house in Hollywood. There she went to the acting and high school. 

Being a 14-year-old girl, Angelina started modelling in the USA and in Europe. At the same time she was filming in a few of musical videos. Later, she found her first boyfriend, with whom she lived in her dad's house. The reason they broke up was Angelina's fascination with knives – her body was dotted with many scars. Being 16, she was taken to a hospital, after cutting her carotid artery. During these years, Angelina began using many drugs and led a free lifestyle. She was sleeping both with men and females. Then she had an aversion to her dad that prevented them from communicating with each other for a very long time. 

Early career

Being 18, Angelina began acting in motion pictures and her childish hobbies were forgotten though she kept on to further shock the public. In the year of 1993, “Cyborg 2” came out, where Angelina received a lead of cyborg that was in love. After the picture was out, Angelina hired a killer to kill herself because she did not like the motion picture. In the 1995, she emerged in her premiere main project, “Hackers”.  Then, “God Playing” was released.

Angelina chose very diverse roles. She portrayed a sick wife who has been chained to the bed in “Wallace George”, a drug addict model in “Gia”, a female police officer in “Collector of Bones”, and others. 

Career Success

With “Interrupted Girl" the recognition came to Angelina. For her lead in she was the winner of Oscar. During the Oscar award ceremony she confessed she loved her sibling, which made the rumors appear about their incest. They publicly refuted this, however, only the following year. Then Angelina was receiving a whole row of invitations for very successful pictures. In the year of 2001, she was chosen for the lead in the first part about Lara Croft. This picture has collected 270 million dollars around the globe. Unfortunately, the following movies about the courageous Raider of Tombs were not very successful. 

Angelina became especially famous after shooting in “Smiths”, which was out in 2005. This movie has collected more than 480 million dollars in the globe. 

Later career

Angelina was made an Ambassador for the in UN in 2001. 

In the year of 2005, she got an award from the Association for her activity, protecting rights of refugees. She keeps travelling everywhere helping people. 

In the 2008, Angelina emerged in “Changeling”. The following year she got an Oscar for this part. In the 2010 “Salt” came out and “The Tourist". In the year of 2014 the movie “Maleficent” was released. 

Personal life

Angelina was married twice before, but both marriages finished in divorce. Being 20, she became the wife of Jonny Lee Miller. They still have good relationships though. 

She was also the wife of Billy Bob Thornton. They registered their union in 2000. They lived together for about three years and then parted. Then both had to take off tattoos with the names of each other, which they did before their wedding. 

In 2004, Angelina met Brad Pitt; their affair sparked that made Pitt to end his marriage with Jennifer Aniston.