Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography

Childhood and adolescence

Austria is Arnold's homeland where he appeared into this world in 1947. Arnold’s parents were Catholic. Every Sunday they attended church. In 1938, Arnold's dad adjoined SA and NSDAP. After war times, his dad worked at police as the chief. 

His dad was an alcoholic and it said that he had hit Arnold and his elder sibling. Sometimes he made the boys fight against each other. Being 14, Arnold had a desire to become a bodybuilder. But his dad ridiculed his wish. Arnold had bad relationships with his dad and later would decline to go to his funeral in the year of 1972. 

Arnold engaged himself in motion pictures. He was inspired by well-known bodybuilders who often appeared in movies especially by Reg Parker. The motion pictures developed in the future actor an obsession to go to America. 

Arnold started exercising every day in the sports hall. He later began taking anabolic steroids. 

In the 1965, he was called to the army. There he got a specialty as the driver of a tank. 

After returning from army, Arnold settled in Munich and got a job in a sports club. Salary was not enough, and he had to live at his job. A little later Arnold was offered a position of the manager at the gym. 

In 1966, he gained silver at the contest in London, becoming Mr. Universe. 

At 21 he moved to the USA. His English was lousy and he had a thick accent. Before the years of 1970s, he was the illegal immigrant in the country. 

Visa violations did not prevent him to get a work in a sport club in Santa Monica. And in the year of 1970, a 23-year-old athlete became Mr. of Olympia. He got the US citizenship only in the 1983. 

Early career

After 1980, the athlete has finished his bodybuilding career. He significantly contributed to the development and publicity of bodybuilding. Arnold was constantly sharing his knowledge in thematic journals and books. In the year of 1988, he has organized his own contest “Classic Arnold”. 

In the motion pictures, Arnold started to be seen in 1970. At first, he had many problems: he had a large muscle mass, which didn’t look naturally on the screen, and he had a very thick German accent. Arnold started taking acting classes and did his best to get rid of the accent. 

His premiere movie was “Hercules Visiting New York” where he got a part as an athlete. However, he hated that movie. 

Career success

Arnold's success was acquired after the release of “Barbarian Conan”. After the release of movies “Terminator” and “Recall Total” actor’s revenues increased substantially. For the second part of Terminator Arnold got $30 million that set a record for the amount of the fee. For his work, Arnold received several prestigious awards. 

Trying to avoid the constant image of reinforced concrete killer with a minimum lines Arnold started acting in comedies. His first comedy project was Twins” , for which he did not even ask a payment. 

“The Sixth Day”, “World's End”, “Damages” were not very successful. In the year of 2003 a long-awaited third part of Terminator came out. After this film the 56-year-old actor left the film industry. 

Then he became the Californian governor. He brought his own unique brand of confidence to the position. This position did not allow him to film in motion pictures. In 2011, the actor made up his mind to return to the motion pictures after resigning from the governing post. 

Later career

In the 2010, Arnold emerged in “Expendables”. The following year, he again joined the cast for the second motion picture, which hit the box-office. 

In the 2014, the third part came out. The same year he came back to the motion picture franchise about Terminator. 

Personal life

In 1969, the actor met Barbara Autland Baker. However, were together for five years. 

In the 1975, he met Sue Moray. Then, he started an affair with Maria Shriver. Moray forced him to choose one of the girls and he chose the second one. 

Shriver and Arnold officially registered and had four kids. In the 2011, Arnold announced that they were divorcing. It turned out that for 10 years Schwarzenegger had been a father of a child who was born from his housekeeper.