Bill Gates Biography

Childhood and adolescence

Seattle is Bill's home town where he emerged in 1955. Bill's parents were well-off people.

The boy was learning at a prestigious school, where he could evolve his abilities in programming on the minicomputers. However, Bill didn’t do well learning some subjects, like grammar and civics, he believed these lessons were trivial, but in mathematics he received only top marks.

In elementary school, Gates behaved so badly that anxious parents were forced to send their son to a psychiatrist. That's what Bill himself says about it: “I was very obsessed with computers, missed lessons. I was constantly sitting in the computer lab, almost till night. Even on weekends I programmed. And every week we spent for 20-30 hours in class. Even there was a time that we were forbidden to work, I and Paul Allen then stole passwords and hack the whole system. I even was left without a computer for the whole summer. At the time I was 16 years old”.

Early career

In the 1973, Bill entered University of Harvard , but was kicked off in couple of years. Immediately after, he started to create software. And already in a few years, along with Allen, Bill generated the firm, which is now known to everybody as the Microsoft.

The first program they developed in the firm called BASIC for the computers of Altair assisted them to earn some money. This software was used among hobbyists of computers who bought the samples of it and produced them free of charge.

Later, Bill developed friendly relationships with Roberts the director of the MITS firm. In the 1977, Ed vended MITS. Bill and Allen sued a new holder of MITS to return the privileges for the programs they had created for Altair.

MS designed programs for various PC firms and, in the 1978 Bill transferred the company's activities to Washington. Bill made himself the main leader of MS, which earned $2.5 million in the year of 1978. Bill was only 23 then. Gates was only 23. “Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering” Bill says.

Career Success

In the 1980, IBM needed software that would fit their new PCs and contacted Microsoft. Bill then bought a system that was generated specially to work on PCs alike to IBM's PCs. Bill concluded a deal with the software's developer, making his own firm the licensing agent and complete holder of the software.

At this time, Bill's companies started to appear in Europe. In the 1982, Bill persuaded IBM executives that MS-DOS should be vended to other computer makers.

Then, Microsoft began creating operational system based on GUI, which was available to Apple.

In the 1983, it created a Mouse to make it easier to put data into a PC with an interface of graphic. That year, the firm presented an editor of texts for MS-DOS. Besides, Bill proclaimed Windows - an addition of the OS for MS-DOS as a multipurpose environment for graphical supplements.

Microsoft was the holder of 44 per cent of the profits of the entire market software products. It prevented the growth of its nearest competitor.

In the 1993, the amount of registered users at Microsoft reached 25 million people. Windows became the world's most popular OS with a graphic interface.

A couple of years later, the OS Windows 95 was launched. In January 1996, it sold 25 million versions.
In the 1998, Windows 98 appeared that looked no different from the antecedent version only with the modernized features. Then was the publishing of Windows 2000, the program was considered the best OS Microsoft by many users.

Later career

In 2001, XP appeared on the market, which was thought as a massive OS in the world.

Vista, a commercially available next-generation OS along with the new Office 2007 suite was launched.

In the 2005, Bill was granted the title of Knight the office of Foreign Affairs of the UK, for his contribution to the businesses in the UK and the endeavors to decrease poverty in the globe.

In the 2007, 34 years after admission to Harvard, Bill received a diploma from this school.

On January 7, 2008, Bill announced about his intention to retire. Despite this, he did not break relations with the firm permanently. He stayed the director, biggest shareholder and the person who would lead the main and important projects. In the 2008, the Bill resigned as president of the firm. In the 2010, he resigned as chief executive, which was taken by Steve Ballmer.

Personal life

In the 1994, Bill became a husband of Melinda French. They have three kids.