Bob Marley Biography

Bob Marley (Robert Nesta Marley) (1945-1981) – reggae singer, guitarist, activist.

He was born in Nine-Miles Jamaican village. He was interested in music since he was a child and after moving to Kingston he begun to improve his abilities. After graduation he began to work as mechanic. And at loose hours he was involved in music together with Neville Livingstone and Joe Higgs.

The first «Judge Not» song of Bob Marley was recorded when he was 16 years old. At 16 he formed «The Wailers» group and their music was very popular in Jamaica. But in 1966 the group broke up. After short-term work in US Marley returned to his homeland and restored the group.

The world fame came to «The Wailers» in 1972 when they have concluded the contract with «Island Records» and «Catch A Fire» album was released. The following year group started the tour in US. After the group was left by a few participants Marley added female trio and changed name of group (in «Bob Marley And The Wailers»).

After the world tour and great popularity Bob Marley became to be known as one of leading reggae singers (although the group had also played ska, fusion and calypso music). Marley also supported Pan-Africanism movement and participated in Rastafari movement. Bob Marley died of malignant swelling on March 11, 1981.