Bruce Jenner Biography

Childhood and adolescence

New York is Bruce's native town where he appeared in 1949. He had dyslexia as a kid that’s why he was not very successful with the classes. But he was great in sports. He did various kinds of sport. He won a grant from college in Iowa, but after his knee injury he had to forget about being a footballer and switched to track and field. Even as a kid Bruce liked to wear his mom and sister’s clothes, and while nobody saw him he was wearing them in a house. He was also doing athletics, and later finished a college with a “Physical Education” degree. The debut competition in which Bruce participated, took place on the university level, but in 1972 he went to the Olympic qualifying race. 

A young man was the third to cross a finish line, but at the Olympic Games in Munich he only took the tenth place. 

Early career

The next two years Bruce trained every day for eight hours. Intense stress yielded results: the young man began to take first places in all national competitions. In 1976, Bruce went to the Olympics again, this time to Montreal, where he won a gold, making a new globe record. 

Career success

Winning the Olympics at the times of the “Cold War” and the fierce sporting confrontation between the US and the USSR Bruce turned into a country's hero and a celebrity. After Olympic gold Bruce did not win any other significant awards in his career. He switched to acting (it was not very successful) and participation in the TV shows. He has performed in racing and was even drafted by a team of the National Basketball League. 

This was the time when Bruce had not felt like a man. He was concealing his transsexuality. The only person who knew his secret was his wife Christie who was the mom of their two children. As he told in an interview to the Vanity Fair his whole past life was built on a lie. He admits that when Bruce appeared in public after his victory at the Olympics, he was wearing tights and a bra under the clothes. 

Increased attention from the press and ordinary citizens led the athlete in despair. More than anything, he dreamed not of the Olympic gold medal, but about sex change surgery. 

Later Career

Perhaps his desire to stay in shadow and to do sex-change operation influenced his decision to retire from his career. He announced about this desire immediately after the Olympics. 

Then Bruce has suddenly made his mind to start acting. He was even considered for the role of James Bond and Superman, but Jenner failed the casting. So instead of a film about the main secret agent of all time and the tape of the comic book, he starred in advertising of breakfast cereals. 

Not stopping there, Bruce emerged in “Music does not stop” for which he was a nominee for a “Razzie” in the category “Bad Actor”. However, Bruce still did not leave attempts to be a famous actor and played a few bit parts in movies and TV series, like "She Wrote That Murder”. 

Bruce then was on his way to the dream of becoming a female. He began accepting hormones that promote the development of breasts, did rhinoplasty and began wearing bras and pantyhose. In the 1980s, he ceased all the treating, being afraid for himself and his kids.

In the 2007, the American TV premiered the reality show about Kardashians, including Bruce's life. The show was so popular that Kardashians gained enormous popularity around the globe. During the show, Bruce’s wife found out more about her his issues. Kids also knew about it, but Bruce didn’t try to make the sex change. 

In the 2015, Bruce finally made his mind for the operation. It lasted 10 hours, and after it was over, Bruce began to doubt the loyalty of his step. But over time, these thoughts were gone, and he was finally convinced that it was necessary. 

The globe saw a new person, Caitlin Jenner, who stopped to be embarrassed of herself. Her first public occurrence was a furor: a photo of “new” Bruce was put on the cover of the journal. The article contained a sensational interview with Bruce-Caitlin, named “Call me Caitlin”. Interestingly, according to Twitter statistics, 65-year-old Jenner is ahead of President Barack Obama in popularity. For 4 hours and 3 minutes her new account scored a million subscribers. 

It is worth noting that Kris Jenner, mother of Kim Kardashian, supported her ex-husband’s decision to change the sex and protected him from very curious journalists. 

Personal Life

Before his sensational transformation Bruce was married 3 times. His first wife was Christie Scott, he lived with her for over ten years. They have two kids. Then he was the husband of Linda Thompson, with whom he has two sons. 

In 1991, Bruce became Kris Kardashian's husband. In marriage they had two daughters. In 2013, they announced about preparations for their divorce because they have stopped living together for more than a year ago. Kris said that the main reason of the divorce was “irreconcilable differences”; although later it became clear that the man was forced to divorce in order to finally solve his internal differences.