Bryan Cranston Biography

Bryan Cranston is a famous actor renowned for his portrayal of the character of a teacher who turns meth kingpin in the very popular television series Breaking Bad.

Bryan Cranston was born in Canoga Park in California in 1956. His career started with forgettable jobs and small roles in television serials. He got his big break in the year 2000 when he got a chance to play the role of the father in popular series called Malcolm in the Middle. But the biggest success of his career came when he portrayed the lead role in the series Breaking Bad. His performance as a character called Walter White fetched him Emmy Award. Cranston has also won a Tony Award for his work on stage. In addition, he got nominated for not only Golden Globe but also an Oscar for his acting in the biopic titled Trumbo in the year 2015.

Early life
Born as Bryan Lee Cranston to a father who aspired to be an actor, Bryan had to deal with a sorry figure who remained disappointed because of his failure to strike it big on silver screen. He saw his parents separating when he was 12 years old as his father could not settle down in his career. His family home was seized by the bank through foreclosure, and for a year, Bryan and his brother Kyle even had to stay with their grandparents. And for the next decade or so Bryan did not see his father.

Bryan was not a very bright student and he lacked confidence as an athlete also even though his talent was recognized by his teachers. Talking about his school days later, Bryan said that he was diffident and insecure. He became timid and loved to be on the sidelines and at the back of the class to avoid any limelight or focus falling upon him.

Police Department of Los Angeles started Law Enforcement Explorer Program that Cranston joined when he was only 16 years old. He did very well in this class and aspired to become a cop after graduating in political science. One counselor told him that he needed to choose an elective for his graduation. Cranston opted for acting and soon realized that he had a natural talent to become an actor. By 1976, Cranston has more or less made up his mind. On the one hand, he was pretty sure that he did not want to join police department and on the other, he set out to explore the country on motorcycle with his brother Kyle. The duo wanted to roam all over the country, stopping only when all their money was finished to find some short term work and earn money to be back on the road once again. Life took a full circle when both Cranston brothers fin ally settled down in California itself with both becoming involved with the profession of acting.

Career beginning
Cranston has learn from the mistake of his father and accepted any work that came his way rather than waiting for that one big opportunity. This is the reason he worked in so many commercials and did bit roles in television serials. Murder and Air wolf were examples of such roles. By the time it was in late 90’s, Cranston has a career that was pretty much stable even if it was low key. He was working in serials like King of Queens and Seinfeld even though the roles were small. He was also seen as Buzz Aldrin in ‘From The Earth to the Moon’, a miniseries that starred Tom Hanks. He was also a part of the blockbuster movie Saving Private Ryan released in 1998. He played the character of an American colonel in this movie.

Cranston’s big break came in 2000 when he got a chance to play the character of Hal, a father having 5 sons in the popular series titled Malcolm in the Middle. He acted alongside Jane Kaczmarek in this sitcom that was made by FOX. His performance was so good that he received three Emmy Award nominations for his role.

Breaking Bad
After Malcolm in the Middle ended, Cranston was in search of work when he was shown the script of Breaking Bad by Vince Gilligan. Vince had met Cranston earlier in 1998 also when he was directing a series episode of The X Files and Cranston was playing a character in it. Gillian described Cranston all about the character of a High School teacher who is forced to cook meth in order to make money for his family as he is diagnosed with lung cancer. He does so to make sure that his family does not face financial problems after his death. Cranston became determined to play the character of Walter White upon listening to the script. He knew that this role would prove to be a game changer in his life. He was right as the show received a lot of appreciation from the audiences. Even the critics termed Breaking Bad as one of the best TV shows ever.

Breaking Bad made its debut in 2008 and his performance fetched Cranston not one but three Emmy Awards. Cranston had won Emmy thrice in three years and he became only the 2nd actor to do so after Bill Cosby. Before Breaking Bad came to an end, Cranston got a chance to play the character of Dalton Trumbo, a screen writer who is a recipient of Academy Award and who has been blacklisted. For his performance in this biopic, Cranston got nominations for both Academy as well as Golden Globe in the year 2015. Besides his work in movies,This document was written for art creation forever. com. Cranston has kept his interest in theater alive all these years. In 2014, he received Tony Award for his performance in the play All the Way. He played the character of President Lyndon Johnson in this play.

Personal life
Bryan Cranston is happily married to Robin Dearden and the couple lives in South California. Robin happens to be his 2nd wife. Taylor Dearden is the name of couple’s dau

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