Cameron Diaz Biography

Childhood and adolescence

Cameron was born in San Diego on the 30th of August, 1972. She spent her childhood in her native city. Her parents were of mixed blood. Her father was Mexican; his parents immigrated to the United States. But her mother was half English who also moved to the States. 

As a child, Cameron, like her elder sibling, was intolerable hooligan. Girls listened to metal music, spent time with the local boys, were swearing a lot and could even hit their offender in the face. Her mom was sympathetic to the music preferences of her daughter; she even accompanied her to the concerts of Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne and Van Halen. 

Little Cameron did not even think about being a model or actress. As a child, she wanted to become a zoologist. Her house was a real zoo: she had cats, dogs, birds, mice and even snakes. 

Early career

However, Cameron Diaz did not become a zoologist. Her fate abruptly changed its direction at sixteen years of old. At a party she was noticed by a photographer Jeff Dyunass. He offered her a job in a modeling agency “Elite”. Cameron signed the first contract and started filming in commercials. Besides, she began to appear on the pages of fashion magazines. Sometimes for one day of shooting she could earn up to 2 thousand dollars. At the same time, the future actress started dating with video producer Carlos de la Torre. Their affair lasted about five years, until 1995. It was after meeting him, when Cameron decided to settle in Hollywood. Prior to that she travelled around the world and has been in Japan, Algeria, Australia, France, and Mexico. 

Career success

Cameron Diaz's film career started very suddenly and rapidly went up. Once she accidentally came across the script for the film “The Mask”, which was lying on the desk of her manager. The model did not have any acting skills, but still decided to go to the casting. After twelve auditions Cameron was approved for the part. 

The movie, the main part in which was Jim Carrey’s, became a hit, and everybody immediately started talking about Cameron and said she would have a great future. 

After the movie Cameron started attending acting classes and filming in various movies. And gradually she began to get offers for serious parts. 

Just a month later after the motion picture Cameron started shooting in “Last Supper”. In 1996, she was offered a part in “Minnesota Feeling”. 

Cameron got even more popular after she emerged in “My Best Friend's Wedding”. 

The situation changed dramatically in 1998 when she was offered a part in “There's Something About Mary”. The film was a hit and was loved almost by everybody at the time. Rows of actress’s fans increased significantly. 

One of her most popular parts was Natalie Cook in a parody for the movies of two parts in “Charlie's Angels”.
In 2000, Cameron emerged in “Women's secrets”. Then Diaz played in a number of films: “America: A Tribute to Heroes”, “Karaoke Party Shrek”, “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross”, “Circus Invisible”. 

In “Sky of Vanilla” Cameron was next to Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz. 

A great success got “New York Gangs” in 2002 followed. Then Cameron began working on the melodrama “Holiday”. Her next part was sly and charming Joey Makknali in “Vegas”. In addition, Cameron's voice can be heard from the animated film “Shrek 3”, where she voiced Fiona. 

Later career

In the 2010, “Day and Knight” came out. After that Cameron emerged in more comedies: “Teacher”, “What To Wait When You’re Waiting” and “Gambit” (2012). 

Then she appeared in “Counselor” in 2014. Then comedies followed again “Other Woman” and “Sex Tape”. 

Personal life

From 1995 until 1998, the Cameron had an affair with Matt Dillon, and a year later was trying to build relationships with Jared Leto. In 2000, the pair engaged, but broke up after three years. 

Cameron was with Justin Timberlake for 3 years. They even were getting ready for the wedding, but broke up before that. A year later, Cameron started dating with a model Paul Skalforom, who broke up with Jennifer Aniston. Their relationships also ended after some time. From summer 2010 to autumn 2011, the actress was with the baseball player Alex Rodriguez. 

In May 2014, Cameron began dating with Benji Madden and was engaged with him in December. On January 5, 2015, they got married.