Caspar David Friedrich Biography

Caspar David Friedrich (1774 - 1840) – German landscapes painter, representative of romantic style.

He studied painting in Copenhagen. After graduation he visited many of German towns and settled in Dresden. The painter had been lived there till the end of his life.

His melancholy and symbolical compositions were in all senses outstanding reflection of landscape. He used unusual, often sinister, dark light effects which are characteristic for the spirit of all the work of the artist. His influence as artist was not significant and only a few of people were confidant of him. However Caspar Friedrich taught painting since 1816 and till his death.

His “Capuchin Friar by the Sea” and “Man and Woman Gazing at the Moon” (both in Berlin) as well as “Two Men Contemplating the Moon” (1830, The Metropolitan Museum) are characteristic for painter and represent his mystical and pantheistic relation to nature.