Charles Manson Biography


The state of Ohio is Manson’s homeland, where he was born in the year of 1934. Manson is a murderer of a number of Hollywood inhabitants, including Sharon Tate. However, he was never pleaded guilty of executing murderers himself. After infamous killings in Tate-La Bianca he was named a live personification of evil. In the year of 2012, for the twelfth time Manson was refused grant of parole.

Childhood and adolescence

Charles appeared in this world in the year of 1934 in a public hospital in a little town of Cincinnati in the state of Ohio. His mom was Kathleen Maddox, She was only 16 at the time of her son’s birth, and was not married. Soon after Manson’s birth, Kathleen became a wife of William Manson, from which Charles received his surname.

Kathleen, presumably, was a habitual drunkard. When Charlie was 6, she went to prison for five years and he had to settle with his relatives in Makmene.

In the year of 1942, Kathleen was freed. The moment when she embraced Manson when they first met after her release, was called later by Charles the only happy memory from his childhood. “I loved my mother, she's a good girl”, said Charles. After some time, Kathleen gave Manson to the state’s custody. The following years he was spending in institutions for boys, from where he often escaped, hijacking cars and bicycles. One day he decided to cross the border state in the car he stole, but the police caught him and he was sent to prison for the next three years.

Early career

After getting out from prison, Charles became a pimp. In the year of 1959, he was arrested when trying to cash a check he stole for 37.50 dollars. The court gave him 10 years of probation. Charles was constantly in and out of jail for different violations.

In 1967, Charles went to San Francisco, where he met with Mary Brunner, who later became the first member of so-called “Manson family”.

Career success

In the end of 1967, Charles united a group of his successors. They all had a passion for a nontraditional lifestyle and were using hallucinogenic drugs. The group received the name “The Family”. They settled in San Francisco. Overall, Charles had 100 followers, who all thought he was Jesus and his prophecies about a race war were true.

In the month of August 1969, a row of murders that happened in Hollywood shocked the world. Charles united his best and most loyal followers in order to execute a bloody massacre among Tinseltown's elite. The act of savageness shocked the nation. “These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them. I didn't teach them. I just tried to help them stand up” said Manson.

However, Charles together with his successors was taken into custody not on this suspicion, but a different one. The police thought they were to blame for the vandalism in the National Park of Death Valley. One of the members of his Family, Susan Atkins, confessed of the killings in Hollywood, and it became clear that Charles with his followers was implicated in the Tate/LaBianca massacre.

Charles thought he was a Messiah and when the “nuclear attack” would be over, he together with his successors would be saved if they go to some confidential under the desert.

Charles also released a musical album “Lie” to gather money for his defense in the trial.

In 1971, Charles received a death penalty, but later it was interchanged automatically to life imprison after all death penalties accepted prior to 1972 were invalidated by Californian's Supreme Court.

Charles presumably recorded some music. The famous band “Beach Boys” even published a song that was written by him, “Cease to Exist”, on their album,”20/20”.

Later career

Now Charles is in prison in California. But even being behind the bars he attracted a lot of followers.

Personal life

In 1955, Charles married Rosalie Jane Willis. Rosalie gave birth to their child. However, when the baby was born Rosalie left Charles.

After that, Charles married Candy Stevens, who gave birth to Charles’ second child.