Charlize Theron Biography

Childhood and adolescence

Benoni is Charlizes’s homeland where she emerged in 1975. The girl was her parents’ only child. Her dad together with mom kept a farm and managed the company that did road constructions.

Charlize finished elementary school in the nearby city of Johannesburg. As many people from various tribes worked on her parents’ farm, after talking with them Charlize learned about 26 dialects. In addition, she fluently knew English, but had a thick African accent. Being 6 years of old, Charlize attended ballet classes. At 13 she entered a boarding school.

When Charlize was 15 years of old, she lost her dad - an inveterate alcoholic, who was shot by her mom defending herself.

At 16, Charlize took part and won the local competition of models. Later she has won the international model contest in the Italian town of Positano.

After her triumph Charlize signed a deal for a year with Milanese model firm. For one year she has traveled with shows around European cities and then traveled to New York to settle there. She dreamed of being a ballerina, but in her spare time was making extra money by modeling. However, when was 19, she got a very bad knee injury and was forced to forget about her career as a ballerina. “I thought it was the end of the world, dancing was my passion. I thought that I would have to go back to South Africa and would work in a supermarket for the rest of my life” Charlize admitted later. But then she traveled to Miami to continue modeling work. Her mom suggested Charlize try herself in acting.

Early career

She listened to the advice and traveled to Los Angeles. At first, she settled in a cheap motel. Her life has changed dramatically after she emerged in one of the banks in order to get money from a check, but was refused to do it, and made a scandal, which was witnessed by John Crosby. The man is a manager who represents the interests of celebrities. He noticed the girl and handed her his card. Crosby later brought her to the agency on the selection of actors and acting school, where she was able to get rid of the South African accent.

Career Success

Charlize became popular after a famous “The Advocate of a Devil”. Her next part was in “Famous”, where she portrayed a model who had a rare disease. “Young Joe” was released a couple of years later, which was not popular. But Charlize’s performance was seen and the actress was becoming known in Hollywood.

1999 gave Charlize a part in “The Astronaut's Spouse” with Johnny Depp. Then there was “The House of Rules”, “Games of Reindeer”, “Honorable Men”, “Bagger Vance’s Legend”, “Sweet November”. All these parts were popular.

Then, Charlize was the leading character in “Monster”, in which she portrayed a killer. This part brought her the 2004 Oscar and Golden Globe. “I have been working a lot, and I like it. And you know, it's hard for me not to. I guess I've been working a lot because I get to play with brilliant people” Charlize says.

Critics also approved Charlize’s series “Elaboration Arrested”, “Peter Sellers’s Death & Life”, “Elah’s Bottomland”, “Walking while Sleeping”, “Seattle’s Fight”.

The actress was the lead in the 2008’s “Hancock” where Will Smith was her partner on the set. This motion picture gathered nearly $400 million worldwide. Charlize also kept on working in modelling. She collaborated with Galliano, filmed in commercials for Raymond Weil, and Uniqlo.

Later career

Charlize emerged in the 2009’s McCarthy's “The Street”. Soon she demonstrated her different acting talent in “Adult Young”.

Charlize portrayed Evil Queen in the 2012’s “Snow White”. She then emerged in “Prometheus”. The actress took part in a comedy “Ways to Die in the West”. Then she was strong and determined Furiosa in “Mad Max” with Tom Hardy as Max. In 2015, she emerged in “Dark Places”. She's also been working with her once off-screen love, Sean Penn, in the drama “The Last Face”.

Personal life

In 1997, Charlize had relationships with Stephen Jenkins. However, the couple broke up after five years.

In the year of 2002, the actress met Stuart Taynsendom. They were thought to be one of the strongest couples. However, they broke up in 2010.

Charlize was dating Sean Penn since 2013, but it was announced in 2015 that they split.

The actress adopted a son. In 2015, it was said she had also adopted a daughter.