Drew Barrymore Biography

Childhood and adolescence

A prominent American movie star Drew Barrymore showed up in the bright dynasty of professional actors in 1975.  Drew’s parents were Jaid Barrymore as well as Jon Drew Barrymore.  Even her nearer ancestors also were professional performers. So, there’s no wonder that a bright and capable girl dared to appear in her first TV promo when she was about ten months.       

The four-year-old girl debuted on TV in the picture “Altered States” by Ken Rusell (1980), but being aged seven she gained success playing a lovely tiny sister Gertie in the cult sci-fi motion picture “E.T.” (1982). That role brought her popularity and later she became the youngest participant of the TV show Saturday Night Live.    

Early career

Her mom was used to taking little Drew to seamy night spots, where the future star acquired an extremely strong addiction to alcohol and even drugs.  Then, at the age of thirteen, this fierce girls tried to throw her mom out of the home. As a result, she found herself at rehabilitation center.   

Because of her extremely outrageous reputation, many promising film projects never came true. However, in the 1990s, Drew got down to starring in TV serials exploiting her bad image. For instance, these were “The Amy Fisher Story” (1993),  and “Poison Ivy” (1992)        

In 1992, Drew took advantage of a breast reduction operation.  In her interview, she explained that her breasts were very big. As a result, her back hurt and she looked quite heavy in any clothes.  That was why she decided to undergo that surgery.  Drew was quite satisfied with the achieved result.

In 1994, being nineteen-year-old, Drew became a spouse of Jeremy Thomas, a bar manager.  She proceeded with her controversial acts, including posing naked for Warhol's Interview and Playboy.

Career success

Her luck changed for the better in 1995, when she managed to found Flower Films, the performer’s  own production movie company.  Then, she gave us a vivid example of professional acting in the motion picture “Boys on the Side”, where she had leading acting along with Mary-Louise Parker as well as Whoopi Goldberg.  

In 1999, the actress firstly tried her hand at producing the comedy “Never Been Kissed”, where she acted too.  

In 2000, Drew played a key role in “Charlie's Angels”, where she performed along with a bunch of stars.  That motion picture luckily became a hit and brought up to $40 million for one weekend.   

Later career

In 2003, our hero successfully performed in Charlie's Angels franchise – “Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle”.  In that year the actress’ Flower Films gave out a comedy dubbed “Duplex” with her acting.    

In 2004, she acted in a romantic sketch “Fifty First Dates”.  Apart from that the actress performed in He's Just Not That Into You (2009.

Besides acting, she had a productive model career. Drew became the living picture of CoverGirl Cosmetics company in 2007.  Barrymore also represents Gucci Jewelry. 

Personal life

Once her intrigue with Thomas was over in 1994, a slew of new minor affairs arose.  In 2000, Drew Barrymore engaged with Tom Green, a Canadian comic.  They broke up next year.

Another relationships was with Fabrizio Moretti, a drummer of Strokes band.  After this she dated Justin Long, an actor.     

In 2011, Drew started dating Will Kopellman, an art manager Arie Kopelman. In 2012 their romantic affair transformed into a true marriage. That year, on September their daughter Olive Barrymore Kopelman was born.  In 2014 Frankie Barrymore Kopelman, their second long-awaited kid came into being.  

In the recent interview she unveiled a shocking fact of her sexuality. She told she had always considered herself to be bisexual.