Eva Green Biography

Childhood and adolescence

Paris is Eva's home town where she appeared in 1980. Eva's dad is half Swedish and half French. He is a dentist. Eva’s mom is an actress, who recently started writing kids' books. Eva’s uncle is a well-known cinematographer Christian Berger.

Eva describes her mom and dad as “bourgeois”, and her sister very different from.

Eva went to Paris university, the establishment for learning English. She was a calm girl, who was fond of Egyptology after visiting she visited Louvre being a 7-year old girl. When she was 14, she watched a motion picture with Isabelle Adjani “Adele H History”, and made up her mind to pursue progress in acting. Her mom initially was afraid that acing profession will be very difficult for her girl, but then she demonstrated support to the ambitions of her daughter.

Being a 17-year old young girl, Eva abandoned France and traveled to Kent to learn English. However, after the graduation she came back home and continued her studies at the American School. And then Eva has decided that she needed to start building her acting profession. That is why, she chose a range of prestige universities in America and Europe, where she took classes for learning the skills of directors and actors.

Early career

However, after studying at the Universities, Eva returned to her native city. There she had planned to begin acting in different projects.  Her first steps in cinematography were a few parts in theater performances. Once playing in the theater Eva was noticed by a well-known director Bertolucci, who suggested to Eva to star in his picture “The Dreamers”. This part made Eva pretty famous.

Career success

After this motion picture was released Eva took part in the shooting of one more French picture, “Lupin Arsene”. And after that, she received a tempting offer from Hollywood. She made her premiere appearance in a Hollywood-scale production of “Heaven's Kingdom” directed by Ridley Scott.

Eva’s next part has become even more appreciable. She portrayed the legendary girlfriend of Bond, her heroine was named Vesper Lynd. The release of “Royale Casino”, the main lead in which was gained by Daniel Craig, occurred in the year of 2006.

A year later, Eva emerged in tale's adaptation of “Compass Gold” and after immersed herself in the filming of the first motion picture of famous book series by Philip Pullman's “His Materials Are Dark”, where she embodied the character of witches' queen - Serafina Pekkaly.

Eva has always carefully chosen her roles. She prefers to play fateful images. She likes filming in low-budget movies. For example, in the year of 2007 she emerged in the motion picture “Franklin”. It's a film about three crazy men who are considered totally depressed. In this picture Eva appeared as two characters. The first is Tracy Emin, a crazy and exhausted woman, and the second is Mary Poppins, an intelligent, humorous and full of life lady. “I would love to play an unexpected character. Really raw and simple and not a cliche - something rugged. People like to put actors in boxes” Eva says.

Eva’s following picture was “Cracks” (2009). She liked shooting very much because she played a teacher of swimming, Miss Gee. And the majority of the audience watched the picture only because of Eva.

Later career

In 2011, Eva has worked in the TV show “Camelot”, where she embodied the image of a fairy Morgana. Eva said about her part: “It's a symbolic story, and you have 10 scenes to explore the character. It is not the role of a friend, you could play the movie. This is a real energetic character”.

That same time, Eva accepted the lead of Bouchard in tragicomedy “Shadows of Dark” where she appeared with Johnny Depp.

In 2014, Eva emerged in “Blizzard's White Bird”, “300 Spartans: the Empire Rise”, “Sin City” and “Salvation”.

As a model, Eva has worked with many well-known fashion and cosmetology companies. In addition, she can be seen in the ad campaigns of beer Heineken beer and perfume of Midnight Poison. She showed up on the cover of numerous journals.

Personal life

Eva was dating Marton Csokas. In the motion picture, on set of which they met, they appeared a husband and a wife. The scenario sympathy transported in a real life. However, the couple broke up in 2009.