Eva Mendes Biography

Childhood and adolescence

A future celebrity was born in Florida more than 40 years ago. Her parents belong to a lower-middle class, meaning they were poor, and were from Cuba, but she was raised with her sisters and brothers only by her mother in LA suburbs once her parents get divorced when she still was a child. Her family was Roman Catholic, and that’s why little Eva even could become a nun in the future because of her beliefs and dreams. She attended a local high school and university, but she left the letter one to study acting and concentrate on her career. The mother was a simple worker in one local company, and her father run his own business.

Early career

Eva Mendez started her early acting career when a show manager saw her pictures in one portfolio. Her debut in movies was disappointing for her because of a weak acting performance, and it’s was the number one reasons to hire an acting coach and start improving skills. Eva also appeared on such filming projects as Exit Wounds, The Disciples, Mortal Combat, and some others at this stage of her acting career.

Career success

Her breakthrough was the role in famous Training Day because she caught the public’s eyes after she played with Denzel Washington and agreed to take part in nude scenes. This success led her to receiving roles in such popular movies as Fast and Furious, Stuck on You, and many others. She even earned her first nominations and nominations during this period.

Eva Mendez was the leading female in Hitch. Soon after that she became one of the first Latin American actresses to play the leading role in a popular romantic comedy. Her fans known that her next acting projects include Guilty Hearts and others. Unfortunately, Eva was nominated for her first Golden Raspberry as the worst actress for playing in one less successful movie. Then she was invited to play in other popular and independent films that also contributed to her success.

Mendez was invited to appear in Miami, a video of Will Smith and other music video clips for famous bands and singers. As a model, she was hired as a spokeswoman trying to gather more money for breast cancer problems and studies. Her ad for Calvin Klein where she appeared nude was banned later on. Eva modeled for Morgan campaigns, was the international fashion face, and promoted a number of famous brands, such as Reebok.

Later career

Mendez went to Sierra Leone and agreed to appear in Half the Sky, an interesting documentary. She played in Entertainment Weekly, and her multiple fans can see her in different clothing catalogs. She also has her own lines of homeware and accessories. Eva Mendez sang her own song and later performed it in a duet with CeeLo Green. She is often chosen as the most desirable, beautiful, and hottest woman by many popular magazines. Mendes is a famous model who took part in Reebok, Revlon, and other well-known advertising campaigns. She sang with CeeLo Green and designed her own fashion collection. It’s interesting that she’s on a vegetarian diet for health and other personal reasons. Eva also practices popular transcendental meditation, just like some other celebrities.

Personal life

Eva Mendez broke up with her long-term boyfriend George Augusto, a filmmaker (2002-2010), but soon she started dating Ryan Gosling, a famous actor, and gave birth to their daughter only 1 year ago. Hopefully, they will be a happy family with more kids.