Friedrich Nietzsche Biography

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) – philosopher of irrationalistic direction who created his own ethics theory.

He was born near Leipzig in October 15, 1884. First time he studied in Gymnasium and then in Universities of Leipzig and Bonn. In youth he was involved in music and philology. After reading Schopenhauer he became keen of this branch of philosophy.

After perfect graduation he began to teach and later became professor of Basel University. He had been taught classical philology for about 10 years. He lived University in 1879 because of worsening health.

Following 10 years were spent in constant moving. Despite this fact 1879-1889 was the most fruitful decade in Nietzsche's biography when he wrote his main works. His mental disorder became more obvious in 1889. He moved to Germany and died in 1900.

Nietzsche’s philosophy describes various questions but it has no system. Despite being keen of Schopenhauer’s theories in some moments Nietzsche criticized him. He wrote much works for his life. Some mythology can be found in his works (for example, man’s origin and dualism).