Gwen Stefani Biography

Childhood and adolescence

The artist was born more than 45 years ago in Fullerton. Her father has Italian roots and was a marketer, and her mother, an accountant, also has different roots. They were fond of folk music that influenced her considerably, as a kid. Gwen has 3 siblings, and her brother formed No Doubt. At school Stefani suffered from dyslexia that prevented her from passing written exams successfully. Her main musical interests included different things, but her father advised her to never take any lessons to create her unique style. Her stage debut was at the high school talent show. Gwen was swimming a lot trying to lose weight and worked in a local store. Once she graduated a high school, she went to a local college before her transfer to the university.

Early career

She was invited into No Doubt by her brother because it was his band. It was soon signed to a recording company and released the first album, but it wasn’t successful. Gwen joined this band when she was very young, and she contributed her guest vocals to other popular bands before the huge success. It took more than a few years to release the second album, and Don’t Speak became a real hit! Stefani had to leave her college for 1 semester because of touring, and she didn’t return there. More than 16 million copies of this album were sold, and it got a few Grammy nominations. The next albums were released, but they were less popular and included more dancehall and reggae. The good news is that singles still tool first places on many charts.

Career success

Gwen’s debut solo was released a few years later, and it featured her work different artists, but its reviews were mixed. She received nominations and awards for her solo project. One of her singles reached the highest positions on many charts. This success was repeated with her next single, and its digital downloads that sold more than million times.

Stefani also was interested in film appearances and started to audit for movies. The Aviator was the acting debut, and it was warmly accepted by critics. The second album release was soon after that, and its main focus was on dance and electronic music, so it was a bit different from her first one. Its release was followed by her first tour and DVD. Her band started a new album without her, but she had to help them after finishing her tour. The group completed its national tour and resumed writing their records, so its new album was finally released.

Later career

Gwen Stefani coached one of The Voice seasons, and she also attended MTV Award. Her collaboration with Snoop Dog was released this year together with his new album. She worked hard on her new solo and band albums. The first one is planned to be released soon. The artist also runs her own line of clothing worn by many celebrities, such as Nicole Kidman. Stefani produced animated series and launched her own perfume. She also became a spokesperson for L’Oreal.

Personal life

Once the singer joined No Doubt, she started dating Tony Kanal. Gwen’s dream was having a baby together very much, but it didn’t happen. This band almost crashed because of their failed romance. Kanal was the one who ended this relationship that inspired Gwen to write such famous songs as Don’t Speak. She met Gavin Rossdale twenty years ago, and they got married 7 years later. This couple has 3 sons, but they divorced this year because of irreconcilable differences.