Helen Keller Biography

A sudden illness at 19 months of age left Helen Keller blind and deaf. Helen devised more than fifty signs to communicate with her family, but she was frustrated. A young teacher Anne Sullivan was sent to work with Helen. It was the beginning of a celebrated teacher-student relationship. Anne placed Helen’s hand under running water and spelled out the word «water». Helen understood. This breakthrough put Helen on the track to academic success. Anne introduced Helen to braille. Helen became the first blind-deaf woman to be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree. She published three works including «The story of my life», «Optimism» and «The world I Live In». She campaigned for the deaf-blind and the disabled. She was a founding member of the Permanent Blind War Relief, which is now known worldwide as Helen Keller International. Helen Keller showed the world that there are no boundaries to courage and faith.