Homer Biography

Homer lived around 700 B.C in Greece. We don't know where exactly in Greece he lived. People said he was blind, but we don't know that for sure either. When Homer was born, the Greeks had just recently learned how to use the alphabet from the Phoenicians. Homer used the alphabet to write down two long epic poems called the 'Iliad' and the 'Odyssey'. The Iliad and the Odyssey contain incomparable tales of the Trojan War, brave Achilles, Ulysses and Penelope, the Sirens, the Cyclops, the beautiful Helen of Troy, and the angry gods. They are perhaps the most influential works in the history of Western literature.

These two poems, written nearly three thousand years ago, have captured the hearts of generations throughout the world. Homer didn't make up these stories, or even the words, himself. Poets or bards had been going around Greece telling these stories for hundreds of years. But Homer wrote them down, polished them, and gave them their final form, and therein lies his greatness.