Jack Johnson Biography

Loved by his audiences for his singing style that is so mellow, Jack Johnson is a folk singer whose records have sold in millions since 2001 when he made his debut with Brushfire Fairytales.

Jack Johnson was born in 1975 in Hawaii. He loved playing guitar when he was a teenager. He got a chance to sing a few songs for a movie on surfing that surprisingly became a major hit. This happened soon after he graduated from University of California in Santa Barbara. He got a contract to record a few songs for a music company and even released his debut album called Brushfire Fairytales in the year 2001. He has released many more records since then and millions of his albums have sold worldwide.

Formative years
Jack Johnson, youngest in a family of three sons, was born in Oahu Island in Hawaii on 18 May in 1975. Jack took to surfing at quite an early age being the son of great surfer Jeff Johnson. At a tender age of 5, Jack was regularly seen on surfboard. Jack’s family loved an adventurous lifestyle and Johnsons enjoyed canoe trips and camping during summers. Jack loved surfing more than anything else and his love for this water sport continues till date.

Johnson said in an interview in 2008 that he became addicted to surfing when he was a small kid and would surf for 34 hours in a day. By the time he was a teenager, Jack developed a new love, music. Trent, his elder brother, had made a band, and Jack often sneaked into his room to try to play guitar. He loved a wide variety of music from Violent Femmes and Doors to Black Sabbath. Jack soon learnt to play guitar by practicing so0ngs of Bob Marley and Van Morrison.

At the age of 17, Jack reached finals of a surfing competition called Pipeline Masters in his island. This was certainly the peak of his career in surfing as he met with an accident soon afterwards and received a bad injury to his face while surfing. Jack still recalls that accident and remembers it as an event that changed his life. He was hit hard on his head and he slowed down his pace of life. He jokingly says that this accident made him mellow but the fact is that the accident changed Jack positively as a person.

Johnson went to attend UC Santa Barbara after completing his High School. He met Kim there and fell in love with her. Jack married Kim in 2000 and the couple is happily married today with 3 kids.

Professional life
Jack wrote a few songs for his movie based upon surfing after he graduated from UC. The movie, Thicker Than Water, became a huge hit and Johnson’s music was much appreciated by the fans, especially his mellow style of singing. Ben Harper, a renowned musician, became so impressed with Johnson’s music that he asked him to join his tour in 2001. This was the launching pad that Johnson was waiting for. He was soon noticed by big music labels and it did not take him long to release his first album called Bushfire Fairytales in 2001 with Universal. He repeated this success with the album titled On and On in 2002.

In 2005, Johnson released his album called In Between Dreams that went on to become number 2 on major charts. More than 2 million copies of this album were sold worldwide. There was more success for Jack as his soundtrack called Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the movie named Curious George became a big hit. More than 150000 copies of this album got sold in the very first week and it became number one on charts. By the year 2008, Johnson had sold more than 15 million copies of his albums that included super hit songs like Better Together, If I Had Eyes, Upside Down, and Witting, Waiting, Washing.

There have been 6 solo albums from Jack till date, and interestingly, recordings of last 5 of his albums has taken place at his own Mango Tree Studio situated in Hawaii Islands.

Jack is not only a singer, musician, and a sports enthusiast but also a champion of environmental causes. This document was written for art creation forever . com.Along with his wife Kim, Jack has organized a musical concert called Kokua Festival for the last many years. This festival has raised funds for environment and it has attracted leading performers like Eddie Vedder and Willie Nelson.

Jack Johnson lives in Oahu along with his fa