Jake Gyllenhaal Biography

Childhood and adolescence

This talented and young actor was born in famous California. His family was connected with filming and acting because the father is a film director and the mother is a screenwriter. Besides, Maggie Gyllenhaal is his older sister who also continued this family tradition and now is a successful actress. They have Swedish (their great-grandfather) and Jewish roots (the family of their mother emigrated from Russia), but Jake often says that he is Jewish. His parents asked him to work in the summer to be able to support him, and that’s why a future actor started to work early. For example, some of his summer jobs included being a lifeguard.

Early career

As a kid, Jake Gyllenhaal was often exposed to acting and filmmaking because of his parents’ occupation. His debut was in City Slickers in 1991, a movie where he played the son of Billy Crystal. He also appeared in the movies directed or produced by this family a couple of times. A dangerous Woman is another movie with young Jake Gyllenhaal, His early fans could see him in Molto Mario (a popular cooking show) together with his sister and mother. Josh and SAM, a story about kids’ adventures, was the only movie that wasn’t directed and produced by his family where Jake played before leaving the high school.

Jake graduated from his high school in LA, and then he entered the university where he studied philosophy, but he decided to drop it and concentrate on his acting career later. October Sky is the first movie where he got a leading role, and he played a young man doing his best to win a scholarship and avoid being a coal miner. Many critics agreed that this performance was a breakout for Jake.

Career success

Donnie Darko is the second major movie of Jake Gyllenhaal, and it became a real cult hit. This story is about an introverted teenager who has some visions, such as seeing a tall rabbit Frank. Another important role for the actor was in Highway where he played pilot Kelston and met Jared Leto. But Jake was more successful acting in The Good girl together with Jennifer Aniston, a movie where his character starts an affair with an older woman. He also appeared on Bubble Boy, a comedy that describes love adventures before marrying the wrong person.

Moonlight Mile is a movie where Jake acted together with such famous people as Dustin Hoffman, but it received controversy reviews from experts. His debut in the theater was in London and it received favorable reviews.

In Proof, Jake Gyllenhaal played a student and met such stars as Anthony Hopkins. Jarhead is a movie about the Gulf War where he played, but the role in Brokeback Mountain is considered his real breakthrough that brought him many acting nominations and wards in addition to worldwide fame and recognition. This movie was unique in the way that it portrayed a sexual relationship of 2 guys.

Jake Gyllenhaal appeared in Zodiac, a mystery thriller based on a true story. He played alongside famous actors, such as Alan Arkin, in Rendition, a political thriller released, and also appeared in Brothers. Jake got the leading role in Prince of Persia followed by this acting performance in Love and Other Drugs, another movie that brought him important award nominations.

Later career

End of Watch is one of the latest movies with Jake Gyllenhaal released in 2012, and it’s a story about 2 LA street cops. He had to take a lot of tactical training and take part in real police drives for this role. Enemy (2014) is an erotic thriller where he starred his dual role. Jake also played and produced Nightcrawler, a crime thriller that received Golden Globe nominations. Everest is the next movie where you can see him acting in addition to Southpaw and Demolition.

Personal life

Jake dated such famous actresses as Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon, Tailor Swift, a popular singer and songwriter, and Alyssa Miller, a model. He was also involved in relationships with Emily DiDonato, but it lasted for a short period of time, and now he is still not married.

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