Jay-Z Biography

Childhood and adolescence

A famous American rapper, creator of clothes and record producer was born in Brooklyn. The artist was growing in Marcy Houses. His mother raised him together with his siblings on her own because the father of the family decided to leave them. The young singer studied in a High School in Downtown, where he met his future friends and colleagues, who have also become rappers. However, his education was not completed because he did not graduate.

A lot of songs written by Shawn are autobiographical and describe many details in regard to his childhood and adolescence. In one of early songs of the rapper, he tells the story of shooting his brother for a crime commitment (he has stolen Shawn's jewelry).In some of Shawn's songs there are words about crack cocaine, which he used to sell because of bad impact. Also, there are songs telling that he was shot for several times at that dramatical period of his life. Shawn's mother said in one of her interviews that she presented her son a boom box for one of his birthdays and it deepened his interest and passion for music. After receiving such a present, young rapper started freestyling and writing texts for his future songs.

Early Career

Shawn Carter began rapping at a very early age and it was his way to quit the drugs and the poverty that he was facing for a long time. From 1989 Shawn's song started to appear on the radio and TV ratings. For example, the famous song “Originators” was played on an episode of MTV Raps. That was the start of his brilliant career of a singer. At that time exactly Shawn Corey Carter took his stage name Jay-Z that is today known far and wide across the world. However, at that time he could be hardly called a famous person, even though he had a stage name. His success was still waiting for him.

In June 1996, Shawn created and released his first album, but it rose only to the number of 23 on the Billboard charts. Today the debut album of Jay-Z is known as a classic rap album and its songs are popular even nowadays. In two years, the rapper made a success of his next album. As a matter of fact, the title track from this album received the most excited reaction from the fans and critics and, sequentially, he won his first Grammy nomination. This event actually meant the beginning of a new hip-hop star rising.

Career success

In 2003, when Shawn returned to the United States after his trip in France, he unexpectedly informed his fans that his new album was going to be released. It was his eighth studio album, but it was also the result of a hard work in cooperation with a lot of producers. Eventually, “The Black Album” reached the top of popularity and Shawn sold three million copies of this album in the United States.

One of the significant events coming to mind when talking about Jay-Z is, of course, his concert at Madison Square Garden in New York. The concert was held on the 23d of November, 2003 and served not only as a great entertaining show, but also as a considerable charitable action because all the proceeds were given up to charity.

Jay-z is also a successful businessman creating clothing lines for urban activities and owning the 40/40 Club that is one of the most popular sports bars allocated in Atlantic City and New York.

Later career

In 2013, it became known that Shawn Corey Carter was the owner of nine nominations at the Grammy Awards, which was an absolute record among all the other artists. He keeps the success of his hip-hop career and simultaneously develops his business. Lately, in March of a current year, the rapper completed the purchase of a Norwegian company operating the subscription-based music streaming service.

Personal life

Shawn Carter is widely known as a person that protects his private life and doesn't provide a big audience with detailed information in regard to his private life. However, it is known that he is married to a famous American R&B singer Beyonce. They have one daughter, which was born on January 7, 2012. Jay-Z has written a song in the honor of little Blue Ivy Carter after her birth. 

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