Johann Sebastian Bach Biography

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) – the great German composer, organist. He was born on March 21, 1685 in Leipzig. From his birth he was keen of music and his forefathers were professional musicians. After his parents’ death Johann Sebastian was grown up by his elder brother Johann Cristoph. He studied future composer to play clavier and organ. Then Johann Sebastian entered singer’s school in Lunebourg. There he studied works of up-to-date musicians and educated. His first works for organ were written in 1700-1703.

After finishing his study Bach was assigned by court musician of Duke Ernst. Then he was invited as keeper in organ hall of Arnstadt Church and later he became an organist. For this time he had wrote much works. Later he became organist in Muhlhausen. He married with his cousin Marie Barbara in 1797. Since then in Bach’s life was many positive moments. The power was pleased in his work and for publishing of his works composer obtained a reward.

But Bach decided to change his position again and that time he became organist in Weimar. There three of his children were born. Bach’s music fills with best tendencies of these times thanks to lessons of other composers. Following Bach’s employer was Prince of Anhalt-Kothen who was Bach’s esteemer. Outstanding Bach’s suites were written since 1717 till 1723 (for orchestra, violoncello and clavier).

Bach’s wife died in 1920 but year later composer got married again with singer. Happy family had 13 children. Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos were composed during his life in Kothen.

Bach became Cantor in church and then musical Director in Leipzig. His wide repertoire included worldly and church music. He also took a directorship of Collegium Musicum. For some cycles Bach used various instruments ("The Musical Offering" and "The Art of Fugue").

During last years of his life Bach fastly loose his vision. His music these times considered as unfashionable and conservative. But nowadays Bach’s music schools are opened over the world and many generations are grown up with works of great composer.