John Travolta Biography

Childhood and adolescence

The world-known actor was born in Englewood, which is a city in the USA, in a family of a professional player of football of America and a talented actress, who had also a career of a director before becoming a teacher of drama and English language in the high school.  There were six children in their family, each of which acted during studies in the high school. The father of the future actor had Italian descent, while his mother was an American woman with Irish origins. Therefore, little John was raised in the atmosphere of both cultures neighborhood, although according to his own words, the Irish culture predominated in his home. The family was of Catholic religion, although they decided to change their views in the seventieth and converted to Scientology. John studied in the High School, although when he was seventeen years old,  he decided to drop out in order to pursue his desire of becoming an actor.  

Early career

After dropping out the high school, John moved to NY and received a serious role on Broadway. When the project was completed, he left for Los Angeles in order to continue pursuing his dream of acting career. The first considerable role landed by movie star was in the horror movie “Carrie”. Tt the same time, he was performing for a television sitcom.

Simultaneously, the talented actor was building a career of a singer, having released a single, which earned him popularity and appeared on the Hot 100 list. Later, he landed several screen roles in commercially significant and successful films, which led the rising star to international recognition.  As a matter of fact, the talented actor appeared to be one of the youngest performers, who had ever been nominated for the Academy Award.

Later, Travolta had bad experience of acting for series, which did not receive favorable response from critic and audience. However, he didn't stop pursuing his objective. He landed the role in “Look Who's Talking”, which was of a big success and earned more than 290 million dollars worldwide. This movie had another two parts, where Travolta continued to appear.

Career success

John got a role in the movie project “Pilp Fiction”. The movie was directed by Tarantino and was released in 1994. It was a real breakthrough for Travolta because the role earned him the Academy Award nomination.  The film brought him his recognition and fame once again. After starring in Tarantino's movie, John continued playing considerable roles in movies of different genres. His character was an FBI agent and a terrorist in a thriller film released in 1997 “Face/Off”, followed by other interesting roles. Additionally, he won his second significant award for playing in “Get Shorty”.

Later career

John Travolta played a number of dramatic roles, which led him to appearance in “Hairspray”. The movie was shot as an adaptation of the Broadway smash and received great respond from the critics. Also, performing in this movie earned the actor another Golden Globe award. The most recent picture the star performed in, is “From Paris With Love”, which was seen on big screens in 2010.

Personal life

In 1991, John Travolta and Kelly Preston got married and soon afterwards they began raising a son and a daughter. John considers himself to be a rather family man, the evidence of which is his words from one of his interview. He said that having children was like some kind of lightning in his life and that the role of a family man was the most important for him.

After a huge tragedy in the family of Travolta, when their son died because of seizure, John with his wife informed that they were going to have one more child. 

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