Kanye West Biography

Childhood and adolescence

The Georgia state is Kanye's home land where he appeared into the world in 1977. His mom and dad parted when he was a three-year-old boy. After that, he stayed with his mother, with whom soon he settled in Chicago. Despite this, Kanye has always kept in touch with his dad. 

Kanye’s mom devoted all her life to pedagogy and studying English. Over the years, she was a professor at the Philology Department and then a dean at the State University of Chicago. Due to the influence of his mom, Kanye could get a good education. He studied at the prestigious high school and then entered the State University of Chicago, where his mom worked. However, his studies had no luck. At some point, his long-standing passion for music overcame his interest in learning, and he left university to fully get focused on the musical profession. 

Early career

Initially, a young musician wrote compositions for Chicago-known artists. In the 2001, he settled in a "big apple". Jay-Z offered him to be the producer of compositions for his CD “Print Blue”, which was purchased in over 420,000 samples. He continued producing Ludacris and Beyonce, Kanye made his composition and shopped it around. He concluded a contract with the label of Jay-Z’s and began to record his compositions. 

Over the years, his compositions appeared in the repertoire of Jay-Z, Cam'ron, Kweli, Alicia Keys,Janet Jackson and many others. Even now Kanye keeps writing compositions for various American artists. 

Career success

Kanye’s friends, Nas, Deric Angelettie and others helped him to record his first album. With their support, the CD was ready in the 2004. It was named “The Dropout College”, which was enormously popular. 

Just a year later, the second CD emerged on the shelves in US music stores. After this Kanye’s albums started to appear one by one. In the 2007, the album “Graduation” was released, a year later “808s & Heartbreak” came out, and then the CD “Twisted Dark Fantasy” was out. Kanye’s last album for the moment appeared in 2013. It was “Yeezus”. For half a year it has sold three million copies. 

Later career

Today, Kanye is one of the most famous and popular artists in the genre. His concerts are always purchased out, and the geography of tours includes many various cities on the planet. 

Kanye is actively cooperating with various charitable organizations. He often performs for free. Over the years, he has been working closely with the World Wide Fund for protection of water resources, as well as participated in the program of the organization Live Earth and provided active support to victims of the devastating hurricane Katrina, which in the 2005 caused extensive damage to the city of Louisiana. 

In addition, Kanye is the founder and a permanent executive of his charitable establishment “Foundation of Kanye West”, which has been supporting a variety of programs. 

In the 2009, Kanye released shoes collection for Louis Vuitton. 

Personal life

In 2002, Kanye started dating with Alexis Phifer. He proposed to her in 2006. But they parted later. Kanye also had romantic relationships with Amber Rose. 

In 2012, Kanye started dating a famous model Kim Kardashian. Their relationship was different. At one point the couple almost broke up because of the scandalous pornographic video, the main character of which was Kim and her ex-boyfriend Ray J. Despite the fact that a few years ago, Kardashian payed for the video for a million dollars, it still got to the Internet. This episode has been a stumbling block for a long time in their relationships. 

However, in the end, they could figure the situation out. At the end of October 2013, Kanye proposed to Kim at the AT&T baseball stadium in San Francisco. The couple officially announced about their engagement. At all social events Kim Kardashian appeared with a huge diamond 15-carat ring. 

Next May Kanye and Kim married. The decision to marry was based on the fact that Kim got pregnant. She gave birth to their girl. In May, 2015, Kim announced that she was pregnant with a son.