Kate Middleton Biography

Childhood and adolescence

The future princess was born in Reading, which is located in the county of Berkshire. At that time, her family was not rich or very poor, that is why according to all the canons it is possible to say she belonged to the middle class. Her parents worked in the aviation industry. Her mother was a flight attendant and her father was a pilot, being a captain of an aircraft. Thus, from early childhood Kate’s fate has been associated with the legendary company “British Airways”, which is a real pride for the whole of Britain. 

However, Kate herself has never dreamed of flying and long journeys. Trying to be a role model for her younger sister and brother, she diligently went to school and was building plans for her future career as an art critic. In 1987, when her parents gathered some money they opened a private company “Party Pieces”, Kate helped them to do the chores. The company was dealing with mail-order trade and sale of a variety of souvenirs, jewelery and lovely trinkets for children's parties, weddings and birthdays. 

From the early years of her life Kate was surrounded with wedding bouquets, toy angels and a myriad of bubbles. Her parents’ company soon became popular in England. Holiday souvenirs were being bought with unprecedented speed, and soon the whole family moved to a royal house that became their new home. 

Early career

After school, the future princess went to the Berkshire County, where she enrolled in a private college Marlborough. There she completed an educational program of the Duke of Edinburgh and have successfully passed the exams in chemistry, biology and art history. In addition, while in college, Kate managed to show her worth at athletics, tennis and even hockey. 

After graduating college in 2000, the future princess announced that she wanted to take a break from her studies. However, instead of the hot beaches of Miami she went to Italy, and then to Chile. In both countries the purpose of her visit was her education. In Florence, she was admitted to the local branch of the British Institute and in Chile she participated in the charity program “Raleigh International”, aimed at improving the level of education in poor regions of the world.  A year later, she has returned to the United Kingdom, where she enrolled in the prestigious University of St. Andrews. It was here two years later, where she met Prince William, one of the heirs to the British Crown. 

Career Success

The couple began dating in 2003. However, from the beginning their relationship was not running very smoothly. It was difficult for Kate to be in public. The situation was getting worse by the constant attacks of the paparazzi, who were circling around Lady Middleton, like a flock of hungry crows. Her boyfriend’s behavior was not very perfect either. Accustomed to luxury William often got into trouble and did things that it was hard to be proud of. This situation has led to the fact that in 2007, Kate decided to break off relationship with the prince. But the parting of lovers did not last long. Some time later, Prince apologized, and the couple reunited. After this episode, the relationship of lovers went smoothly. In 2010, the British media blasted the news about the engagement of Prince William and Kate. On the same day in the luxurious halls of Clarence House the wedding date was announced. Since then, all the news was about the preparation to a luxurious ceremony. On the 29th of April in the 2011 Kate united in matrimony with Prince William. Their wedding ceremony was held in richly decorated halls of Westminster Abbey. A live webcast of the ceremony was airing in all corners of the planet. 

Later career

At the end of 2012 rumors about Kate’s pregnancy began to appear in the press, which soon had the real implications. It became obvious that the birth of a child was expected on the 20th or 21st of July, 2013. Doctors of St. Mary's Hospital in London were helping Kate with her pregnancy. When the paparazzi found out about that they were on duty day and night near the walls of the clinic, waiting for the moment when the Duchess of Cambridge would appear in the doorway of the hospital, holding a newborn baby in her hands. On the 19th of July, 2013, there was even a camera installed near the walls of the medical center that was broadcasting live on the Internet the waiting moments for the appearance of Kate and her child. British and European bookmakers accepted bets and promised a good reward to anyone who could guess the sex and the weight of the baby. 

The new heir to the throne was born on July 22. Kate became a mom to a boy weighing 3.8 kg. This child is the third in row to the royal throne. He had already been honored the title of the first ever UK Prince of Cambridge. 

In April 2014, the royal couple went into the official tour that lasted for three weeks around Australia and New Zealand, during which they attended the parade, sailing competitions, the local zoo, and tried to be DJs. 

On September 8, 2014, Westminster residence of members of the British royal family of the Clarence House has confirmed that Kate and William were waiting for the second child. 

On May 2, 2015, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a daughter Elizabeth Charlotte Diana. 

Personal life

When Kate became a student at the University of St Andrews in Fife she had a boyfriend before meeting William. She was dating a senior student Rupert Finch. But when her boyfriend graduated they parted because of the distance. In 2003 Kate and William started to have romantic relationship.