Kelly Brook Biography

Childhood and adolescence

The actress was born in the United Kingdom in a family of a cooker and a constructor. There are three children in their family: Kelly has two siblings, including a younger brother and a sister. In childhood, the girl lost her father because he had lung cancer and couldn't survive. At that time, she had a work in the production of a television project, which she had to deal with despite of her loss.

As all children and teenagers, Brook studied in a school. After graduation from school, the future actress continued her studying in the Academy of Italy, where she learned theatre art, because of which she moved to London. There, Kelly studied for more than three years before actually becoming a professional model.

Early career

When Brook was sixteen years old, her mother decided to enter her into a beauty teen contest and, as a result, she became a winner. That beauty teen competition appeared to be the beginning of Kelly's professional modeling career. After that, the young model was offered a number of works on different commercial campaigns, and the work for a company creating bras and women lingerie. Soon, such activity provoked interest of editors of many fashion magazines.

Kelly was working as a television actress and, at the same time, as a television anchorperson. She showed up in many TV projects and a dancing competition for celebrities on the BBC One channel in United Kingdom. After that, Kelly Brook appeared in a number of respectable magazines. It lead to recognition by more than five thousand readers of the “Grazia” magazine as a woman with the most beautiful female body in Great Britain. As a matter of fact, Brook used to appear in this list several years in a row, getting higher and higher positions. At that period of time, she was also on the cover of many magazines, including FHM in 2011.

After signing a contract in 2007, according to which she represented body-spray in the United States and in continental Europe, Brook started being noticed on billboards, lots of magazines, newspapers being a part of an advertisement. She also performed for different commercials for world-known companies. Later, kelly was in the popular magazine for men “Playboy” in America. Among advertisement activities, Kelly managed to produce a line of women swimwear on her own in cooperation with New Look, which is known as a clothes brand.

A year later, Kelly Brook became the face of a footwear company “Skechers”, presenting their products in media campaigns.

Career success

One of the most significant achievements in the professional acting career of Kelly Brook was when she received the lead role in the horror movie and a comedy remake “Piranha 3D”. The movie was positively received by the critics and publicity and earned a huge amount of money, which is more than 83 million dollars worldwide. 

Later career

After having a breakthrough when portraying the lead character, Kelly had a role representing herself in a British comedy movie. Also, she had several non-leading roles, starred for the video to the song of Lawson and landed a role in a popular NBC sitcom, released in Great Britain. 

Personal life

Brook had a serious relationship for more than seven years with a famous English actor Jason Statham. However, they decided to brake up. A little later the same year, she got acquainted with an American actor Billy Zane. They had an engagement, although decided to separate anyway. She had several boyfriends afterwards, although none of them finished with marriage. In accordance with the late information, given by Brook in her interviews, she has no serious relationship currently.