Kevin Durant Biography

Childhood and adolescence

The well-known American basketball player was born in Washington. When the future sportsman was a little boy, his father appeared to desert his family, which led to the divorce of his parents. His mother had to earn money for family on her own, so his grandmother raised the children together with his mother. Kevin has three siblings. In their childhood, they were fond of doing sports together. As a matter of fact, Barbara, the grandmother, had a great impact on Kevin and his siblings, although the strongest influence she had in regard to Kevin. She always said him that his height was a good thing, which not only distinguished him from other children at school, but could help him build a successful basketball career.

The first steps on the way to professional sport was when Kevin started playing with Jaguars, which was a basketball teenager's team. When studying at the high school, the future basketball star used to play for two academies simultaneously. Such activity led young Kevin to appearance in the respectable list of the popular magazine “Parade”, which helped him earn the recognition in the sport circles.

Early career

When studying at the college, the rising star got a number of offers and he decided not to join his friend in playing with the University in North Carolina and instead, to sign the contract with the University in the state of Texas. When playing there, Kevin achieved high professional results. He has already earned himself a good reputation at that period of time and was recognized as the Tournament's Most Valuable Player. While being a student, Kevin also won the other awards, having become the youngest player of basketball who owned such a respectable award on the first grade of the college.

Career success

When finishing studies on the first grade of the college, Kevin Durant considered himself ready and capable for playing in NBA. In 2007, Durant used an opportunity of signing a sixty million dollars contract with the worldwide known company “Nike”, which was a significant deal at that period of time.

Additionally, Kevin was chosen to be a member of the NBA's Team and sequentially, he was recognized as the “Rookie of the Year” of NBA. However, that was actually the start of Durant's professional career rise. He worked hard day by day without a rest and soon he was the lead basketball player of the league. As a matter of fact, Kevin was recognized as the lead basketball player of the league for three times in a row.

Later career

In 2010, Kevin Durant informed publicity that he was going to sign an extension of his contract with the Thunder for five years. Thanks to him, the Thunder was on the top of success, having won fifty five games.

As for the international career, Kevin Durant was chosen to be a member of the national basketball team at the FIBA and managed to become their lead player. It was Kevin who helped the team of the USA win its first FIBA Championship, while getting other honors and awards simultaneously.

Personal life

Wayne Durant pays much attention to social problems, trying to help solve at least some of them. He is known as a donator of money to different charity projects.

Apart of the career of a professional basketball player, Kevin also tries himself as a movie actor. He landed a role in a feature movie “Thunderstruck” in 2012. In one of his interviews, Durant said that he considered himself quite in many other areas, not only sport.  As for the private life, Kevin doesn't announce the details concerning his relationships to the publicity. However, it is known that he doesn't have children or a woman to be married to.