Limp Bizkit Biography

Limp Bizkit (created in 1994) – rock-group which combined in their music metal, punk and hip-hop.

The group was created in 1994 at Jacksonville, Florida when vocalist Fred Durst joined to Sam Rivers, Wes Borland and Rivers’ cousin named John Otto. Later DJ Lethal joined to them. That was the beginning of Limp Bizkit’s history.

The first album named "Three Dollar Bill Y’All” was released in 1998. Thanks to it the group appeared in MTV Spring Break’98 fashion show. Second album named «Significant Other» was released in 1999 and it had been on the top for three weeks.

But their performance on Woodstock ’99 was displeasured because of mass riots and as a result the festival was terminated. Disputes and discussions are good for musical business because they allow maintaining singer’s popularity. So the condemnation of musicians had no bad influence on their album.

«Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water» was released in 2000. The album broke all the records and during firs week after release it has been sold over million items. Because of Fred Durst’s back disease the group ceased its Europe tour which was held in summer 2001.

Since then some of participants were replaced and Limp Bizkitt released some more albums, such as: «New Old Songs» (2001), «The Rare And The Remixes» (2002), «Results May Vary» (2003), «A Tribute To Limp Bizkit» (2004), «The Unquestionable Truth» (2005), «Greatest Hitz» (2005), «Rock Im Park» 2001 (2008).