Matthew Mcconaughey Biography

Childhood and adolescence

Uvalde is Matthew’s native town where he appeared into the world in 1969. Matthew's dad owned the gas station, and his mom was a teacher in a kindergarten. During teenage years, Matthew went for a year as an exchange student to Australia. After that he had an Australian accent, which was very difficult to get rid of. His mom and dad were separated twice, therefore, they had three wedding ceremonies.

Matthew was an athlete. He was fond of golf and tennis. While studying at school, he wanted to become an attorney. But later, he changed the dream and went to comprehend acting profession at the university. After finishing the university, he emerged in a few of ads and received small parts in motion pictures. 

Early career

During college years, Matthew was introduced to a producer Don Phillips, who offered him a part in his prospective motion picture “Confused and Dazed”, which became Matthew’s premiere. 

In 1993, “Boyfriend’s Back” came out. And then Matthew emerged in “Chainsaw Massacre”. However, despite huge popularity of this motion picture Matthew didn’t become popular.

After finishing the university, Matthew settled in LA. By this time he starred in “Judgement”, “Side Boys”, and “Outfield’s Angels”.

Career success

In 1996, Matthew finally received the lead “Killing Time”. After the release of this motion picture, he was noticed by many directors. 

In 1996, Matthew emerged in four new pictures – “Daze Glory”, “Lonely Star”, “Spring Scorpion”, and “Bigger than Life”. 

In “Contact”, Matthew appeared on the set with Jodie Foster. Then, he appeared in “Amistad”, which was filmed by Spielberg.

Every following part brought glory to Matthew. In 1998, “Boys of Newton”, “Rebel”, and “Sandwiches” were released in cinemas. A year later, Matthew emerged in “EDtv”. Then there was a lead in “U-571”, and a year later in “Planner of Wedding”.

Great success brought “How to Get Rid of a Guy in 10 Days” where Matthew portrayed a character together with Kate Hudson. Then, there was “Sahara” with Penelope Cruz. “Paparazzi”, “Money for Two”, and “Desolation Magnificent” came out the following year. Matthew appeared with Jessica Parker in “Launch of Failure”. 

“Marshall” was out in the year of 2006. In 2008, three more motion pictures with Matthew came out – a “Dude Surfer”, “Gold of Fools”, and “Thunder Tropic”. In 2009, he emerged in “Girlfriends of the Past Ghosts”. 

In 2011, Matthew appeared in “Joe the Killer”, “Lawyer Lincoln”, and “Bernie”. Three more motion pictures were shown in 2012 – “Mud”, “Mike”, and “Boy of Paper”.

Later career

Matthew continued getting great parts, one of which was portraying the character of Ron Woodruff in “Buyers Dallas Club”. For the part, Matthew had lost 47 pounds. His performance brought an award of Oscar.

After that, Matthew starred in “Detective True”, where he had to embody a sophisticated part of Rust Cohle. This philosophical and dark show brought Matthew an award of Emmy.

Later, Matthew appeared in “Interstellar”, portraying an astronaut who left the Earth to look for a new home for people and his family.

Personal life

Matthew had romantic relationships with Patricia Arquette. 

He was also dating Ashley Judd and Sandra Bullock, with whom he was for two years.

Later, Matthew was dating Penelope Cruz. This relationship also lasted for two years. 

After, Matthew started to date Camilla Alves. After being together for a year and a half, they had a boy. In another year and a half, they had a girl. When Camilla was pregnant for the third time, Matthew finally proposed.

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