Mike Tyson Biography

Childhood and adolescence

Michael Gerald Tyson came into our world in 1966, Brooklyn. The boxer’s parents were Lorna Tyson and Jimmy Kirkpatrick.  At the early age Mike was deserted by his dad.  As a result, the Tyson family suffered heavy financial hardships and had to go to Brownsville.  That neighborhood  was literally flooded with criminals.     

Being small and bashful, Mike Tyson often became a victim of humiliation. To withstand this, he developed his unique street combat style.  Then, at the age of eleven he organized his own gang.  Mike’s gang mainly dealt with cash registers.  In his boyhood, Mike Tyson was caught by the police many times.    

Later the future boxer found himself at the Tryon School. There he came across Bob Stewart. That man was a non-professional boxing champion.  Exactly, Bob was the first man to tutor our hero in the brutal art of boxing.     

In 1980, Bob delegated the promising boxing star to the reputable boxing manager D'Amato, who always took sincere interest in likely sportsmen and had his own gym.  D'Amato highly valued Mike’s potential. 

Mike’s life was likely to get better, but unfortunately, in 1982 he faced a serious personal loss.  That year, his mom passed off because of cancer.  That rocked a lot. 

Early career

In New York, 1985 Mike firstly faced off with Hector Mercedes. It took the 18-year old boxer one round to knocked Hector out.  Mike’s quick technique, power and outstanding defensive qualities often frightened his adversaries. Soon he got an impressive nick “Iron Mike”. 

After D’Amato’s death in 1985, Kevin Rooney took over his coaching duties. With the new trainer, Mike recorded the 13th victory in Houston and that fight was dedicated to D’Amato.    

Career success

Aged twenty in 1986, Mike Tyson was granted the first title for this fight with Trevor Berbick.  In the second round he knocked his rival out.  As a result, he acquired the youngest championship in the top weight class in the history of boxing. 

Later he managed to defend the title in the combat with James Smith in 1987, thus adding the WBA championship to his achievements. In that year, Mike won the IBF title and became the only owner of all three main boxing belts.    

Later career

In 1989, Mike proved his title, having knocked Carl Williams.  His winning streak came to its end in 1990, when he failed to defeat Buster Douglas. In that fight, Mike was firstly knocked out.   

In 1991, Mike was charged with rape. He was found guilty and imprisoned for six years. The boxer became a Muslim in prison and acquired a new Islamic name.  

In 1995, having served up to three years of his imprisonment, Mike was officially released.  Tyson resumed his sports career.  In that year, he managed to win against two rivals – Buster Mathis and Peter McNeeley.    

In 1996, Mike Tyson was defeated by a well-known boxer, Holyfield.  Next year, the two rivals fought again.  In that contest, Tyson shocked his fans as well as boxing officials by biting off a piece of his rival’s ear.  For this outrageous act, the NSAC officially canceled Mike’s boxing license and fined him $3 million for that bite.   

Mike Tyson reinstated his boxing license in 1998, but after this, he mostly faced lawsuits, fines, to say nothing of a year of imprisonment for attacking the motorist in Maryland.

In 2002 Tyson was defeated by Lennox Lewis.  Next year he suffered a slew of defeats and that was rather an evident decline of his boxing career.  Finally, in 2005 Mike officially announced his retirement.   

Personal life

Mike has been married three times. The boxer has fathered up to eight children (one of them died) by several women and some of them still remain unknown to the media.