Miley Cyrus Biography

Childhood and adolescence

Nashville is Miley's native town where she appeared in the world in 1992. Her real name is Destini. The girl's dad is a well-known country musician. Miley's mom and dad got married only after her birth. From the very birth of Miley, her parents were confident that their daughter would achieve much. 

Cyrus was very smiling, positive and cheerful child; that is how she got her nickname Miley (smiling). In early child years Miley was quite religious and every Sunday she dutifully attended a local church. In the 2008, Destini officially named herself Miley Cyrus. 

Being an eight-year old girl, Miley's family settled in Toronto, where her dad was shooting. That was the moment when Miley's dad masterminded her to procure career in cinematography. Later, she started seriously implementing her dreams. 

Her wish got even much stronger when Destini and her dad watched “Mamma Mia!” Soon Miley began studying singing and acting in a Toronto studio. Soon after that she received her premiere part. Destini portrayed Kylie in “Doc”. In the 2003, Destini first could be seen in a motion picture, when Miley was playing 8-year-old Ruthie in “Huge Fish".

Early career

Being an 11-year old girl, Miley attended the auditions for “Montana Hannah”. The show tells of a schoolgirl, who led a binary life - being a student and a singer. Destini made a cassette and sent it to the casting, hoping to embody the girlfriend of the lead character. However, she was offered the lead. But, when Destini arrived for a meeting with producers they saw that she was too young and wanted to take away the part from her, but due to the vocal capabilities she could make them change their mind. 

The future actress was always supported by her mom Tish, who has later become her agent. 

Almost immediately, “Montana Hannah” became an incredible hit, and Miley became a favorite artist of millions of teens. Being 16, she was already the richest young actresses. 

Career success

“Montana Hannah” presented in the 2006. It gathered a huge number of devotees. The popularity of the show brought Destini an unimaginable income and glory. 

Her first composition Destini made for “Montana Hannah”. Miley was also performing during the opening of the music collective “Girls of Cheetah” on their tour. In late 2006, the composition to the famous TV show was out. Destini has made nine compositions into the CD, which was the winner of the Billboard 200. 

Later career

In the 2007, the second season of the show went out. It was airing for six months, at this time Miley concluded a deal to make 4 CDs with a company. The double CD “Montana Hannah 2/Miley Cyrus” was out in mid-2007. It took the first spot in the 200 Billboard and became platinum for 3 times. In the 2008 another CD was out. It was called “Breakout”, and became a huge hit on a lot of charts. 

Destini also emerged in other movies. However, they were all her bit roles. In “Last Song” the actress got the lead by portraying a girl who is experiencing a hard adulthood. 

In the 2009, Destini wrote a biography, where she tells her life and the way to glory. In 2011 she finished to work on a remake of picture “LOL”. And then she started to work on the movie “Under the cover”. 

In late 2011, together with Jonze Vesto Destini published a cover version of the composition “You're going to make me lonely if you go”, and after a couple of months, the video to it was made. 

Personal life

Miley had long relationships with Liam Hemsworth. In the 2009, they appeared together in “Last Song”, at that moment their affair began. After 3 years of continuing relationship young people have announced about their long-awaited engagement. But later one of the famous journals reported that the couple has canceled the wedding and finished their relationship. Currently the Destini is free.