Nick Jonas Biography

Childhood and adolescence

The popular musician was born 23 years ago in Texas. It’s interesting that his mother is an ex-singer and his father is a musician and songwriter, but don’t forget that he also was a minister at one church. This means that Nick’s talent is his ancestry. A future popular singer was raised and homeschooled by his own family, and he has different roots, including Irish and others. Nick has 3 brothers, and the older ones formed a popular band. Unfortunately, he has diabetes, so he constantly needs to use insulin pumps to manage this medical condition.

Early career

His career started when Nick was discovered in a local barber shop as a small boy. This is when he met a pro manager and started to perform on Broadway. Nicolas acted in a few plays, such as A Christmas Carol.

He wrote his first song Joy to the World, and its demo copy was released to radio and after that it became very popular. In 2004, studio executives discovered this song and contacted Jonas who released his next single Dear God. Nick also planned to release his first solo album, but it was delayed. Nick and his brothers wrote all songs. Steve Greenberg, a new president of Columbia Records, heard his records and liked his voice.

Career success

The success of Jonas Brothers (previously called Sons of Jonas) started with signing their first contract. Their first album s was released soon, but then they had to change their agent. Brothers signed a new contract and started to appear in different TV commercials. Their second album was released to take the fifth place on popular charts. Nick and his older brothers guest starred Hannah Montana that gained a huge success.

The reality short series about their life became popular, and this is where they documented their routine during a tour. The release of their third album was a turning point for Nick because he was called one of the richest pop acts. They also starred in popular series about musicians trying to lead a normal lifestyle.

Nick also had a solo project, and his debut album was successful too. He started a tour to support it and also performed on stage and played in Last Man Standing where he played Ryan. Nick appeared in Smash to portray a young musician, and another well-known role is Submissions Only.

Jonas brothers decided to reunite the same year by releasing a video from their home studio. They also parted ways with their label because they purchased their rights to all records, merchandises, publishing, and other plans. Nick joined Demi Lovato to play a few songs with her. He was one of mentors in The X Factor and attended Miss USA 2013 competition. However, brothers cancelled their tour because of creative differences, and this is when they broke up.

Later career

Nick Jonas played with Demi Lovato again to perform a few songs for his new tour. During interviews, he turned attention towards his future solo project. He finally released his Chains single and was invited to Navy St. He was one of mentors in the Voice and will star in such movies as Scream Queens and Goat. Nick wants to create a new record label and write his own solo album in the future.

Personal life

Miley Cyrus is his most famous girlfriend, and she’s a popular actress and singer who claimed that they were really in love. He also dated Selena Gomes, a famous musician, the next year and Delta Goodrem, but they broke up, and she also still says it was a true love. Nick even dated Olivia Culpo, but they broke up this year.