Nicolas Cage Biography

Childhood and adolescence

The widely-known outstanding actor was born in Long Beach, California in a family of creative people. His father was a professor of literature at the university, while his mother was a choreographer and a professional dancer. The family lived in Catholic traditions. Nicolas Cage has very talented family. His grandparents were a couple of a successful composer and actress. The rest of the family consisted of actors, directors, movie producers, etc. Beginning from early age, Nicolas wanted to connect his life with performing. The actor has two brothers working on the radio as a radio personality and director.

When Cage was a teenager, he adored James Dean, very famous at that time American actor, who died in a vehicle accident when he was 25 years old. James Dean was the primary source of inspiration for a young Cage. Later, in one of his interviews he confessed that the reason os starting acting for him was that he wanted to become Dean. He affected Nicolas and provoked a strong desire to get involved into the world of performance.

Early career

In the beginning of the future actor's career, he was given roles in comedy movies, which were released mosrtly for teenagers. His debut movie was “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. It happened in 1982 and a year after he got the main part in his next movie. There was a number of films Nicolas starred in before he appeared in a successful comedy movie in the beginning of ninetieth.

Career success

In the middle of ninetieth Nicolas Cage was valued at nearly four million dollars per role in a picture. However, there was always the quality, significance and deepness of the role that mattered to him, but not the money first of all. Therefore, Nicolas agreed to perform in “Mike Figgis's Leaving Las Vegas”. He was paid only 240 thousand dollars for playing that role, but it brought him real success. It was a movie telling a story about a suicidal alcoholic screenwriter and it seemed to Nicolas strong enough to deal with it. As a result, the role in this controversial movie brought the actor an Oscar.

Later career

Beginning from 1995, the actor portrayed a lot of characters for action thrillers, which made him recognizable for both critics and audience. He starred later in “City of Angels” in cooperation with Meg Ryan. This romantic comedy was followed by other thrillers and action movies. He also starred together with Angelina Jolie in the action movie. Soon, Nicolas had an opportunity to work with Penelope Cruz while starring together in the “Captain Corelli's Mandolin” based on a novel written by a British novelist Louis de Bernières.

Nicolas Cage is a talented producer and director, too. His first debut as a director was “Sonny”. This work was followed by others soon. His current wife performed for one one the films directed by Nicolas.

Personal life

Nicolas Cage has been married for three times, although only the last one appeared to be successful. Before he married for the first time, he had been dating with the mother of his first son, Cristina Fulton.

Nicolas's first marriage was to Patricia Arquette. The couple lived together for six years, then they divorced. The second time Cage decided to marry, was when he fell in love with the daughter of legendary Elvis Presley. However, their relationship didn't last for long. They were in a marriage for three months only, which is only shorter than the period they were dating.

Alice Kim is current wife of the actor, the mother of his second son. They got married in 2004.

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