Nikola Tesla Biography

Nikola Tesla (1856 -1943) – physicist, inventor, engineer.

He was born at priest’s family in the village of Smiljan of Austrian Empire. First year of his study was spent in native village and other three in Gospic. He graduated primary gymnasium in 1870 and entered Higher Gymnasium. After being ill of cholera he was not drafted in army.

Being keen of electrotechnics he devoted some years to current research while being study at Graz Polytechnic. For a short time he had been taught at Gospic Gymnasium and later entered Prague University. After first semester he began to work. For the first time he served in telegraph company and then at continental company of Addison. All this time he tried to design alternating current motor.

He began to work with Thomas Addison after moving to US. But when he improved Addison’s electrical machine Nikola didn’t receive promised money and retired. After this he had some small works. Then at friend’s assistance he founded his own company with laboratory in New York. Later he settled in Colorado Springs and founded there small laboratory.

At the beginning of 20th century he received some patents when he designed frequency meter, electric meter and many other inventories. Nikola Tesla won Nobel Prize in 1915.

He broke edges after accident and came down with pneumonia. He died on January 7, 1943.