Orlando Bloom Biography

Childhood and adolescence

The city of Canterbury is Orlando's home land where he appeared in 1977. His mom, Sophia, had her own business. She managed a linguistic school for foreign students, and in addition, was fond of writing. Orlando’s dad was a professor at Kent University. And besides, he was an ardent fighter in South Africa against apartheid and was Nelson Mandela’s lawyer. But when he wrote a range of books about the racial segregation and the Republic of South Africa, the government began to pursue him. In 1963, a man and his family was forced to immigrate to Britain.

When Orlando was a 4-year old boy, he lost his dad. His mom brought up him and his elder sister all alone. However, his parents' close friend appointed himself as a guard of Orlando. An unexpected turn of events happened when Orlando being 13 was told that this friend is his biological dad.

Sofia instilled a love of art to her children from their childhood, therefore, at an early age Orlando began to be fond of languages, photography, theater. And apart from that, in his youth he was also fond of horses and was a pretty good rider. This, later, was very helpful in his movie career. “When I was nine, I had this girlfriend and we used to have running races in the park. I wanted to be like Superman and fly in and rescue her” Orlando remembers.

Orlando made his premiere on stage being a kid. At school, he took part in a few of theatrical productions. Being 16 years old he traveled to London and played at the Youth National Theater for two seasons. After that, he attained scholarship to study in arts academy, where he accepted a part in “Vienna Woods's Walk” and even found his own agent.

Early career

In 1996, Orlando first showed up on television. He starred in several scenes of the TV show “Casualty” and a year later, appeared in “Wilde” starring Jude Law and Stephen Fry. However, it was only an episodic and very original part, boy’s prostitute. The next three years Orlando was studying acting.

Career success

During his third year of study, Orlando came to audition for the part of character of Faramir in the Tolkien's adaptation, directed Peter Jackson. Unexpectedly for Orlando he was offered to play the Legolas elf, the custodian of the Ring of Power. However, before going in New Zealand for the entire 18 months, where the shooting took place, he emerged in an episode of “Murders of Midsomer”.

After the filming was over Orlando went to India. And while being there on vacations the Tolkien's adaptation became wildly popular. Upon arriving home, the actor discovered that he was incredibly popular. Orlando received a special award for best premiere part. Then, Orlando took part in shooting of “Hawk Black Down”.

Between 2002 and 2003 Orlando was working on the final picture of the Tolkien's trilogy. After he emerged in “Ned Kelly”. This part brought Orlando the award.

In the 2003, Orlando has played one more remarkable lead in “Caribbean Pirates", which grossed about $650 million.

In 2004, Orlando emerged in “The Kid Calcium”, and then he accepted part in a very successful motion picture “Troy”, in the base of which lies “The Iliad” by Homer. The picture grossed nearly $500 million globally.

In the 2004, Orlando appeared in “Haven”. After, Orlando played almost exclusively in successful and large projects. He emerged in the historical drama “Heaven's Kingdom” and then in a sentimental melodrama “Elizabethtown”.

Later, Orlando continued playing the character in Caribbean Pirates. Then took lead in the making of the comedy “Other Disasters Along with the Love” by Alec Keshishyana.

“I have played a boxer, a cowboy, a knight, a prince, an elf and a pirate. I am so glad to have done all of that already” Orlando says.

Later career

In 2009, Orlando emerged in the movie “I Love You, New York”. Next year, he appeared in “Main Street”. In 2011, he portrayed the character in “Musketeers”. In 2013, Orlando was among of the cast in “Hobbit".

Personal life

Orlando was dating Kate Bosworth. The couple met in 2002. Kate met with the actor through their mutual friend. Their affair lasted until 2006.

It is also said that Orlando had affairs with Uma Thurman, Kirsten Duns, Sienna Miller, Penelope Cruz, Naomi Harris and Jessica Biel.

In July 2010, Orlando married Miranda Kerr. The couple had a son next year. This was the first-born for both of them. In 2013, the couple announced about their separation, but they didn’t have an official divorce yet.