Oscar Pistorius Biography

Childhood and adolescence

A future Paralympic champion was born in Johannesburg less than 30 years ago. His family was Christian family that also contained two more children. He keeps claiming that his mother influenced his entire life considerably, but she died when he was still a teenager. Oscar has English and Italian roots, but it’s sad that he was born one severe medical condition, and this is what made him lose his both legs because were amputated till his knees as a small toddler. He attended a local high school for boys where he even managed to play such sports as water polo and rugby. Oscar Pistorius even succeeded to win some wrestling competitions and trained hard in his native city.

Early career

After he seriously injured his knee when playing rugby, he became interesting in running while trying to complete his long-term rehab. His first racing blades he received from a famous local prosthetist. It was impossible to find the right ones for him, and that’s why they were made by a talented engineer who lived in the same city. This is when Oscar Pistorius started to study business management and sports science at a local university.

Career success

Oscar competed in T44 events (a category for people only with 1 amputated leg), but he actually qualifies for T43. He is still called Blade Runner and the fastest person with no legs. His sporting career success started with winning the third place in Paralympic games.

Pistorius finally had his first world-record time while winning a gold medal. He won a few gold medals the next year and broke another world record, so he became a world record holder in 2007, but his focus was on Summer Olympics. Oscar wanted to get a chance to join the team of his home country, but he failed to show a good time. The good news is that the naming of this team was delayed for different reasons, thus offering him a great chance to succeed. Pistorius asked for a wild card and he got it, and then he succeeded to set new records and won his new gold medal.

He won 3 World titles in 2011, reasserted himself as the leading runner among disabled people, and was ready for the World Championship. However, Oscar wasn’t chosen to run in finals because of slow split time. He still won a silver medal for running in the heats, and this is how he became the first disabled person to win a medal for able-bodied sportsmen.

Later career

He was included in the team for Olimpics, and this is how he became the first runner of this type who took part in this kind of competition where he was chosen to carry his country’s flag again. He took the eighth place at the end.

Oscar also carried the flag during the Summer Paralympics where he managed to set new world records. Unfortunately, he was defeated and took the second place, but he wasn’t disappointed. Pistorius won a gold medal as a part of the team, but failed to defend his title because he came fourth. Another gold medal was won during last competitions when he also set a new record.

Personal life

The famous sprinter was accused of committing a crime, killing his girlfriend. This crime happened at his own home a few years ago. He was trying to explain that it was a mistake because he thought it was an intruder. He had to spend 5 years in because this famous runner was found guilty by the jury, but his punishment was changed to his home arrest after spending only six months in jail for this crime.