Queen Biography

“Queen” (created in 1970) - cultic British rock-group, one of the most famous and authoritative groups in music history.

Bryan May and Roger Taylor founded ‘Queen” and later Farrokh Bulsara (Freddie Mercury) joined them. Mike Growse, Barry Mitchell and Doug Bogie played bass-guitar before John Deacon became bass-guitarist in 1971. Name of the group and its logo came up with Freddie Mercury.

The first album of “Queen” has been recorded for two years and was released in 1973 under the same name. Before recital performances the group played as a warm-up. Following year they released two albums - «Queen II» and «Sheer Heart Attack» (it occupied second place in British chart) and made the first record.

“A Night an Opera” (four-time platinum) album was released in 1975 and it became one of the greatest albums of the group. «Bohemian Rhapsody» song is one of the most famous songs in "Queen's" history. For this song was filmed a video with unique effects for these times. The group had performances not in Britain only but in US, Japan and Canada.

«A Day at the Races» (1976) album has no met the approval of critics but it brought some hits. The group’s tour comes even to Australia.

Such doubtless hits of “Queen” as «We Will Rock You» and «We Are the Champions» were released in «News of the World» album in 1977. Following year scandal «Jazz» album was released. Being involved in concert activity the group released «Live Killers» album in 1978.

“The Game” album released in 1980 represents new epoch for group. These time musicians began to use synthesizer. Freddie mercury had changed his stage image.

The group released “Greatest hits” album (1981) and «Hot Space» (1982 including «Under Pressure» hit vs. David Bowie).

Following hits are «Radio Ga Ga» and «I Want to Break Free» from «The Works» (1984) album. The group went to Europe tour after release of «A Kind Of Magic» in 1986. This tour became one of the greatest tours in rock-music history and having collected over million people.

In songs from «The Miracle» (1989) album you can hear changes in Mercury’s voice. Rumors about singer’s disease became more apparent.

"Queen" has no recorded new songs in 1990. The group has won «Brit Awards». “Innuendo” album with the greatest «The Show Must Go On» hit was released in 1991. Mercury had announced that he had AIDS in November 23, 1991 and he died on 24th of November.

Great concert dedicated to Freddie Mercury with participation of many stars and friends of singer was held in April 1992. And the last album named «Made in Heaven» and consisting of session tracks and unreleased tracks was released in 1992.

After Mercury’s death musicians gave the concerts with participation of Robby Williams, George Michael and Zemphira. Collaboration with Paul Rogers was the best and the group had recorded new «Say it’s Not True» song. In September 2008 the group played huge charity concert in Kharkov where it collected about 350,000 listeners.

Totally “Queen” has published 16 studio albums and 6 live albums.

Composition: Vocal, piano, guitar: Freddie Mercury, Guitars: Brian May, Bass-guitar, rhythm-guitar: John Deacon, Percussions: Roger Taylor.