Quentin Tarantino Biography

Quentin Tarantino (1963) – director, producer, scenario writer, actor and winner of the most prestige cinematic awards: “Oscar”, “Palme d’Or” and “Golden Globe Award”.

Quentin Tarantino was born on March 27, 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. His parents were not getting married. At birth he was named as Quint. But later he changed his name on Quentin. Childhood of future cinema star was spent in Los Angeles.

His love to cinema became apparent when he was a teenager. Quentin has started to attend acting courses and tried to write screenplays. After living a school he has found a job in his field of interests – in video rental center.

The first official movie with Tarantino’s scenario is considered to be a “Reservoir Dogs”. But even before that Quentin worked at screenplay of “My Best friend’s Birthday”. This movie of Tarantino has not been completed. “Reservoir Dogs” even though was cruel in some aspects but had received high ratings from critics.

Real success and world recognition were gained after release of “Pulp Fiction” in 1994. Most talented actors were involved, such as Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman and John Travolta. The following year Tarantino took part in joint work with three other directors: Allison Anders, Robert Rodriguez and Alexander Rockwell (“Four Rooms”). Just then began fruitful cooperation of Rodriguez and Tarantino. And year later Quentin appeared in “From Dusk Till Down” as actor. Tarantino was a scriptwriter and movie was directed by Rodriguez. Tarantino's filmography was supplemented by "Jackie Brown" movie in 1997.

“Kill Bill" was the next work of director. In this movie Uma Thurman was filmed again and Tarantino considered her as his muse since his first movie with her. Second part of “Kill Bill” was released in 2004.

Thanks to cooperation of Tarantino and Rodriguez ”Grindhouse” movie was issued in 2007. This film had no collected a lot of money but was favored by critics. It was divided into two parts: “Death Proof” (with Kurt Russell) and “Planet Terror".

His following work was presented on Cannes festival on May 2001. “Inglorious Bustards” were planned to film by Tarantino in 2001.

Tarantino’s movies are differed by its own style. Thus, they often found the violence (which the author trying to put it within the frame of esthetics) and reference to popular subcultures. The subject is often unpredictable and non-linear. Quentin Tarantino has won three the most prestige awards and all of them were received for one movie which was "Pulp Fiction".