Serena Williams Biography

Childhood and adolescence

The state of Michigan is Serena’s homeland where she came to the world in 1981. When Serena was nine years of old, her mom and dad divorced, and subsequently moved to Californian, where Serena and her sister began to attend the Academy of tennis “Mackie”. That was the moment when her long journey into the tennis world began. Serena made substantial progress on the court from the very beginning. Being strong and endurable she was always an uncomfortable opponent. At some point she began to win various junior competitions. She played strongly and enthusiastically, and nothing could stop her, neither her rivals nor the circumstances.

At 14, Serena made it to the number of professionals. During this period, she left the academy and became training with her father.

Early career

In 1997, Serena’s status was the 304 World Racket, and she could beat one of the strongest tennis players – Monica Seles. This was followed by another spectacular victory over Mary Pierce. After these successes Serena emerged in the top 100 strongest players and has become a regular participant in various competitions.

In 1998, the talented girl appeared in “Grand Slam”, after which she rose to the twentieth spot in the ranking of association of world tennis. Then she gradually gradually migrated to the cohort of the best players.

Career success

Serena won her first Grand Slam Tournament in in Wimbledon. As part of this competition she played with Maksim Mirny, with whom she later won the Open US.

In 1999, Serena achieved impressive results in singles as well. She finally raised the Cup of Open US above her head.

A total of 32 times Serena became the winner on the Grand Slam. Besides, the girl three times won the gold at the Olympics.

Serena had a long break in her career when her half-sister Etundy passed away in 2003. After this tragedy Serena could not recover and gain her former shape for eight months. Only in 2004, Serena played again and won. However, at that time when everything was just beginning to improve, Serena got a painful injury. Because of this, she missed a whole season. She dropped to the 95th spot in the world rankings. However, despite this, the girl later showed everyone she still had her skills. She won several prestigious tournaments, and later again reached the top spot in WTA ranking.

Serena also published her autobiography and won two championships in 2009 as well as Open Australia and Wimbledon.

Later career

Serena badly fell at Open France in 2012, and lost a first-round. But in London the same summer, she was not defeated.

At Summer Olympic in 2012, the girl subjected Maria Sharapova.

In autumn the same year, Serena subjected Victoria Azarenka. “I honestly can't believe I won. I was really repairing my runner-up speech, because I thought, 'Man, she's playing so great” Serena said after the victory.

The following summer, Serena once again defeated Sharapova.

She kept on winning different championships including Open US in 2014 and Open Australia in 2015.

“When I was a little girl, in California, my father and my mother wanted me to play tennis” Serena said to the crowd in French after her victory. “And now I'm here, with 20 Grand Slam titles”.

Personal life

Over the years, Serena was dating with various representatives of the American high society. Among her boyfriends were a musician Common, American football star Bryant McKinney and actor Jackie Long.

Today Serena is in love relationships with the owner of the tennis academy Patrick Moratoglu. It is noteworthy that before Serena stated that she was ready to link her lives only with black guys. However, Patrick, is an ethnic Greek, and it seems, he managed to convince Serena to change her views.