Shia Labeouf Biography

Childhood and adolescence

Shia's dad was a clown in a circus and his mom worked as a nightclub dancer. His name Shia got in honor of his grandfather. In Yiddish it means a “gift”. As a child Shia was a regular visitor of a synagogue.

In his family in general was good and idle atmosphere. Eccentric parents were constantly fighting or have been busy with rehearsals. They didn’t have time to spend with their son. Shia’ father was not averse to a drink from time to time. Sometimes heroin appeared in their house. He even took Shia with him to meetings of Anonymous Alcoholics and Anonymous Narcotics, when, after another quarrel did not want to leave Shia with his mother. Over the years his father has become addicted to alcohol.

When Shia was 10 years old, Jeffrey LaBeouf got into drug treatment clinic because of his problems with alcohol, and Shane, exhausted with her husband’s drinking and constant scandals, immediately filed a divorce. So the family has split, and the ten-year Shia stayed with his mother.

Early career

Following years of his life Shia and his mother did not live in the richest quarter of Los Angeles. They didn’t have enough money. At Shia began to invent and write short humorous stories, which have long remained his little secret and only entertainment.

Once a piece of paper with Shia’s written stories got to Shane. She was very impressed. Then his mother persuaded the director of the club where she worked, to allow her son to perform with his humorous skits on stage. That was Shia’s debut as a performer of his own jokes. At 15, Shia was already very recognizable in acting circles, moreover, he has gotten his own agent.

In 1999, being a 13-year old boy, Shia received his first small part in famous “The X-Files”. Then there was the family show “Stevens Even”, which is tells about one crazy family's adventures. For this part Shia won a special Television Academy Award in the category “breakout season”. The debut role in a big movie for Shia was in the film “Holes” produced by Disney. Critics almost unanimously agreed that Shia showed unmatched ability for acting. “I turned down a scholarship to Yale. The problem with college is that there's a tendency to mistake preparation for productivity. You can prepare all you want, but if you never roll the dice you'll never be successful” Shia said later.

Career Success

Then, in 2004, Shia emerged before the audience in “The Greatest Play” based on a true story. Shia also drew attention to his persona in the 2004's “I am Robot”, in the 2005's mystical drama “Constantine”, where he starred with Keanu Reeves. In the year of 2007, Shia got the lead in “Disturbance”.

That same year, Shia also emerged in a great blockbuster “Transformers”, where he portrayed Sam Witwicky, a young man who finds out his automobile is an Autobot that in the end drags him in the conflict with robots. The motion picture collected over $300 million.

In 2008, Shia was one of the actors in the latest feature movie of Indiana Jones. He told Entertainment Weekly about working on the legendary film series created by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas: “I think my favorite moment was when Harrison flew in and jumped out of his helicopter to come to rehearsal with his whip in his hand.”

His following motion painting was the “The Eye of Eagle” released with Michelle Monaghan.

Later career

In 2009, next part of Transformers came out. Later, Shia portrayed one of the characters in “I Love New York”.

Next year, Shia starred in “Wall Street: Money Does not Ever Sleep”. In the year of 2011, the third part of a famous blockbuster Transformers came out. In 2012, Shia filmed in “Lawless” and “Your Company”.

In 2013, Shia played Charlie Countryman in the psychological romantic comedy-drama “Charlie Countryman”. The same year, a two-part drama art movie came out “Nymphomaniac”.

In 2014, Shia starred along with Brad Pitt in a war movie “Fury”.

Personal life

Shia had many affairs. He was dating Megan Fox, with whom he had a relationship during the filming of "”Transformers”, and Carey Mulligan, with whom Shia is friends even today.

Since 2010, Shia has been dating with a stylist Carolyn Fo.

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