Stendhal Biography

Stendhal (Marie-Henri Beyle) (1783-1842) – writer, founder of realistic novel.

Stendhal was born in January 23, 1783 in Grenoble. His father was a lawyer. Stendhal’s mother died when he was a child. The boy was grown up by his grandfather who was familiar with famous literature figures of these times. Anrie had been studied in comprehensive school for 3 years only but he studied mathematics, philosophy and logics himself.

He went to Paris in 1799 to continue his education. But instead he volunteered Napoleon’s army and served in Dragoon's regiment. Three years late he retired and decided to continue his self-education but he returned in army in 1805. As military servant he visited some European countries, such as: Austria, Germany and Italy. Stendhal was a witness of Borodino battle and he was admired with courage and faith of Russian people.

After Napoleon’s defeat Stendhal was retired and settled in Italy. This period of Stendhal’s life is marked with beginning of his literature activity. He wrote his firs works, such as: “Rome, Naples et Florence “, “History of Italian painting” and others. Due to difficult political situation he had to went back to France. But there situation was not better. Stendhal published his articles and sketches under pseudoname being afraid of negative relations of power.

Stendhal improved his talent of realistic writing in 1820 while working with “Vanina Vanini” and “Armance”. One of his most famous novels named “The Red and The Black” was published in 1830. Despite literature activity of the writer he had financial problems and pessimistic mood.

Frederick Stendhal took a civil service in July 1830. Since then and till his death he had been worked as French council. Later his “Lusien Leuwen” (1834) and “The Life of Henry Brulard” were published. Last years of his life Stendhal had a grouch. The writer died on the street on March 23, 1843.