Sylvia Plath Biography

Sylvia Plath was born in Boston. Her father, Otto Plath was a professor of biology, who specialised in bees. Sylvia Plath was a brilliant student. She studied at the Smith College from 1950 to 1955.

Later, she described this phase of her life in «The Bell Jar», an autobiographical novel which is now considered a classic. As a young woman, Sylvia Plath suffered from spells of depression. She married the poet Ted Hughes. Sylvia Plath committed suicide at the age of 3 1. «Ariel», a collection of Plath’s poems published after her death, astonished the writing world with its power. The poems were carefully crafted. Ariel became one of the best selling volumes of poetry, published in England and America in the twentieth century. Plath’s «Collected Poems» which was assembled by Ted Hughes after Plath’s death, won a Pulitzer Prize.

Tags: USA, Poet, 1930-1939