Taylor Swift Biography

Childhood and Adolescence

The future star appeared in the world in a little town in the state of Pennsylvania, but she didn’t actually live there. Being a kid, Taylor with her family settled in Wyomissing. Taylor knew she wanted to sing, and her mom and dad assisted in the completion of her plans. Her parents enrolled Taylor in singing lessons. Her singing idols were Shania Twain, Lee Ann Rimes, and her own grandma, who was once a singer. The future singer always wanted to be in the center of attention on stage: she had never been afraid of public performances. Being a 10-year old girl, thanks to her innate artistry and stage charisma she became a real star in her native town. Taylor was invited for every performance, festival, fair or public competition in Wyomissing. At that time Taylor also learned how to play guitar. A couple of years later, she even sang the US anthem at the opening ceremony of the 76's Games in Philadelphia, disrupting huge ovation. At the same time a young singer started writing her own songs. Exactly at this moment, she made her mind to become a professional singer.

Early Career

In teenage years, Taylor has moved into one of the largest and busiest suburbs in Nashville, where she started singing in the streets, standing at the shop window of a cafe with a guitar in hands. That's how she was noticed by a famous American musician Scott Borchetta. This master in musical industry met with the girl and turned her in a young talented singer. 

Career Success

In 2006, with the support of Borchetta, Taylor recorded her first studio composition, «McGraw», dedicated to a famous country musician. Two months later her new album came out. The CD, which was named as the singer, had become very popular. After some time everybody talked about Taylor Swift as a rising star of country style music. At the same period the first awards appeared in her collection. 

The next CD “Sounds of the Season" was quite fortunate too, as well as her mini-album “Beautiful Eyes”. These albums made the singer a nominee for Grammy in the year of 2008. 

Impressing everybody with her hardworking character Taylor presented her new studio CD the same year. It occupied the first step in the Billboard 200 and was sold in 592,000 copies, becoming her most successful CD. 

This album brought Taylor new awards and she has become one of the most popular stars on the world stage. 

Two new albums, which are followed afterwards, strengthened her popularity. In the USA the CDs became platinum 4 times and brought her great popularity in Europe. Geography of Taylor's touring stretched from the USA to Japan. She was spending long months away from home performing the concerts around the globe. 

Later career

Taylor's acting abilities were seen in an episode of “CSI”. The first work of aspiring actress was successful for several months later, in the fall of 2009, she emerged in a feature film “Hannah Montana", where she portrayed herself. Taylor's debut work became widely known, however, in each of these movies Taylor was playing only occasional and minor roles. Then she appeared in a known movie “Valentine's Day”. Later, she also played in “Todd against school”, and in the episode of sitcom “Newcomer”. 

Singing career and movie debuts marked the step up in her career, and attracted even more attention to her persona. In 2011, after playing in “Valentine's Day”, the journal “Maxim” put Taylor on the 20th spot in the ranking of the most desirable women in the globe. 

Personal Life

As her creative career, Taylor’s love interests have always occupied the attention of the Western public. It is known that in 2008, she had an affair with Joe Jonas, one of the members of Jonas Brothers. However, their relationship did not last long. 

In the year of 2009, for a few months, Taylor had relationships with the famous “werewolf” Taylor Lautner. After that, Taylor had relationships with Conor Kennedy (the representative of the famous dynasty), and then with Harry Styles, a member of One Direction. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal was Taylor’s boyfriend. Recently she was being seen with Calvin Harris. It is said that the couple is engaged. Looks like Taylor found her soul mate.