Tom Brady Biography

Childhood and adolescence

A little town near San Francisco is Tom's homeland where he emerged in 1977. Being a child, Tom was extremely interested in football. During the eighties Tom's idol was Joe Montana, a famous quarterback. In subsequent years, Montana has also been idol and inspiration for Tom.

Tom was going to High School located in San Mateo. Then he was accepted at the Michigan University, which he graduated with honors.

Early career

During university years Tom continued to play football. His capabilities have grown and he was assigned as one of the high-end ten players. Initially, Tom was with the substitutes, but soon went into the main content of Michigan football team. Since then, he has become rapidly rising through the ranks, gaining a reputation for excellent footballer. The very next year of his football plays, Tom was titled the Best Player and one of the most famous male athletes.

Tom was invited to the command “Patriots”, and in the 2001 he played versus the football command of New York, “Jets of New York”. Even though the match was lost, and Tom got an internal bleeding by getting a clash on the ground field, the efforts were not in vain, as Tom became the main defender in the command.

Career Success

The real victories came to Tom in the year of 2003, when the “Patriots of New England” won 12 sequential contests. The next year, the command again showed great results thanks to Tom's high-quality game. “Patriots of New England” made a record, scoring 21st win in a range. The command occupied a spot in the best players' honor list in the Hall of Fame of Pro Football.

 In fact, Tom brought a huge amount of wins to “Patriots” football command and was awarded a bunch of NFL nominations. For four times he was got the titles of the best week's defender (FedEx Express Week's NFL Player), for five times he was titled the best week's hitter (Week's AFC Offensive Player) and for several times he was titled the best month's striker (Month's AFC Offensive Player).

Additionally, in the year of 2008, Tom got the honor to be the Most Valuable Footballer according to the NFL's MVP Tom is the only footballer in the history of “Patriots of New England”, who received such an honorary title.

However, when playing in the 2008 season, Tom was injured in the knee. He received a few of surgeries and was having a long recovering period. New deal was signed by Tom in the year of 2010.

Tom gathered all his strength and assisted the command to get a spot at the XLVI Super Bowl, in which the “Patriots” won over the “Giants of New York” again.

Tom was on all the covers after a game between the “New England's Patriots” and “49ers of San Francisco”. Tom was really showing all he is capable of during this match. Brady later commented on the outcome of the game, “I'm really proud of the fact our guys never blinked an eye down 28 points against probably the best defense in the league”.

Later career

During the matches of 2014, it was announced that a few of the 12 balls in the game that were utilized by Tom's command were underinflated. “I didn't alter the balls in any way, [and] I would never have someone do something that was outside the rules”, said Tom.

Trying not to pay attention to all the accusations, Tom was focusing on the game that was ahead of him, with the Seahawks of Seattle. Tom was leading his command to the amazing victory. After this play Tom fixed himself a position as one the greatest footballers.

When in the 2015 report it was published that Tom knew everything about the underinflated balls, he was suspended for the first 4 plays.

Personal life

From 2004 until 2006, Tom was dating with Bridget Moynahan. In 2007, it became known that Bridget was pregnant. However, despite this, the couple broke up.

In 2009, Tom became a husband of Gisele Bundchen, with whom he met two years before their wedding. The couple has two children.