Uma Thurman Biography

Childhood and adolescence

The actress (April 19, 1970) was born in Massachusetts. Many fans wonder what her name means, and they should know that it means “light” (the Hindu goddess). Her parents: the mother is an ex-model, and the father has lived as a Buddhist monk, but now he is a professor and famous writer. Uma Thurman has different roots, including German, Danish, and Swedish. It’s no wonder she knows a lot about Buddhism because she spent a few years in Almora, but now has agnostic beliefs. Uma relocated to New York to go to school, but was a scared and original girl teased by other kids because of height, unusual name, and slim figure. Thurman was even advised a nose plastic surgery but one of her parents’ friends, and was diagnosed with a specific body disorder, which causes her certain problems too. Her love for acting was discovered in school when talent agents noticed her and proposed to start acting professionally. Uma left her high school to succeed with this career.

Early career

She started her modeling career as a teenager, and it included Glamour, Vogue, and other covers. Her movie debut was 3 years later when Thurman appeared in a few films at once, like The Birth of Venus, where she appeared nude. Her fans should know about her first successful role in Dangerous Liaisons alongside John Malkovich.

Career success

Then Uma Thurman’s role was in Henry and June, and she got her first major role in the financially and critically disappointing movie. Her next well-known acting project is Mad Dog and Glory), but the worldwide success and first Oscar nomination came after Pulp Fiction, a cult movie, and Thurman is still the favorite actress of Quentin Tarantino.

She appeared in Beautiful Girls and met her future husband while playing in Gattaca. The actress played Poison Ivy (Batman and Robin sequel) and won her next award. Uma can be seen in The Avengers and famous Les Miserables. The actress decided to take a break from her acting career because of the first pregnancy, and the next roles include less popular and low-budget movies, such as Chelsea Walls, and one movie even brought her a Golden Globe. Thurman was also invited in a few operas, such as Book of the Dead.

Finally, Quentin Tarantino with his Kill Bill succeeded to relaunch her acting career. Uma played an assassin revenging for her killed lover and had to spend a lot of time on martial arts training and learning what to do with swords, but she finally received many awards and nominations. Then she was invited in Be Cool (she received quite a high salary), Prime alongside Meryl Streep, and The Producers (Ulla). Uma became a popular and well-known model once again after her success in movies, and such brands as Lancôme and Louis Vuitton invited her to become their spokesmodel.

Later career

Uma Thurman bought filming rights for the Swarm novel, a movie that is due to its release this year. My Super Ex-Girlfriend is her next movie that brought her a high salary; the actress was also invited to appear in such movies as The Accidental Husband and My Zinc Bed where her role was a woman with a cocaine addiction. Her next movie Motherhood wasn’t high-grossing. The actress was asked to join the jury of one famous film festival and Smash cast. She received positive reviews and Emmy nomination as the actress. Her latest filming projects include Percy Jackson and the Olympians (the role of a monster) and Bel Ami (her character is a powerful Parisian woman).

Personal life

Uma Thurman’s first husband is Gary Oldman, a popular actor, but their marriage existed only a few years. Her second husband is Ethan Hawke (an actor), and this couple has two kids: Maya Ray and Levon, but they also divorced. She dated Arpad Busson, and they were even engaged, but separated for unknown reasons. This couple reconciled later and had 1 child together: Rosalind Arusha (2012), but they again called off their engagement in 2014.