Whitney Houston Biography

Childhood and adolescence

Newark is Whitney's home town where she appeared in this world in 1963. Whitney was the smallest of three children, so she was always surrounded by love and care. Her mom and dad were members of the church that is why the church music played an important part in her life.

 Whitney sang as a solo in a choir, and studied how to sing at the local craftsmen. Besides, her mom and cousin were the real stars in the black areas of Newark.

Early career

At teenage years, Whitney began traveling a lot with her mom, and periodically perform at her concerts. Some time later, she also started to sing as a back singer for famous Chaka Khan. Moving from step to step, Whitney steadily worked her way into the American show business. She has performed in bars and clubs, and by the beginning of the eighties she had signed two lucrative contracts with a recording company. However, the real success came to her in 1983. During this period, she concluded a deal with Arista Records and started to work on her solo album.

Career Success

Whitney’s first self-titled album was out in 1985. It was quite successful. Her songs could be heard on all radio stations in the state. Then, the second album emerged on the shelves of music stores in North America. From that moment her career took off. Prestigious awards appeared in her personal collection one by one. The geography of concerts was constantly growing and expanding. A striking achievement in Whitney’s career was a concert before the final match FNL (American Football League). The scene vividly demonstrated the level of her popularity.

In 1990, Whitney published her third album, and two years later she emerged in a motion picture, playing a lead in “Bodyguard”. The movie attained international success. As a global superstar Whitney has traveled halfway around the globe. Her song “I'll love you always” was a huge hit, and even many years later was recognized as one of the most brilliant songs in the history of mankind.

Subsequently, she recorded four more albums, the last of which came in the year of 2009. In the mid of the 1990’s Whitney managed to be one of the most commercially successful singers in the musical history. Success accompanied her also in other spheres. She starred in five popular motion pictures and television series.

Later career

In the year of 1998, Whitney published her disk without soundtracks, which received Grammy. Her cooperation with Mariah Carey in the cartoon “Egypt's Prince” recorded a hit composition, which received the award of the Academy.

Between 1990s and 2000s, Whitney used drugs and had problems with health that endangered her career. A few of cancellations of concerts and her appearance in a talk with Diane Sawyer,  where Whitney looked very thin, caused the talks that she was about to have breakdown.

In the year of 2004, Whitney got a lot of airtime in the Bobby Brown's reality show. The show showed the couples' worst problems, which made Whitney's reputation reach the lows.

Whitney tried to fix her marriage and cease the use of drugs. Whitney had a break in her career, when filled in divorce papers with Brown in the year of 2007 and received the entire custody of their daughter. As Whitney said in 2009: “[My mother] walks in with the sheriff and she says: 'I have a court injunction here. You do it my way or we're not going to do this at all. You're going to go on TV, and you're going to retire. And say you're going to give this up because it's not worth it”.

She published her new disc “I Look To You”, in the year of 2009.

In the year of 2012, Whitney was said to be have financial troubles. She, in fact, wanted her career to take off again. She was working on a new musical motion picture. She had persistently been asked to join the contest “The X Factor “in order to be a judge. However, she did not live long enough to do that.

Whitney died at the age of 48 on the eleventh of February, 2012, in a hotel where there was a Grammy party happening. The accidental drowning was the official reason for her death.

Personal life

Over the years, Whitney had love affairs with the footballer Randall Cunningham, a famous actor Eddie Murphy and Robin Crawford, who worked as her assistant.

In 1989, Whitney began dating Bobby Brown, affair with whom led to the beginning of her. In 1992, the couple announced about their marriage, and some time later, rumors began to appear about the singer's issues with alcohol and drugs. During this period, she got into the hospitals and prisons. Some time later it became known that Whitney had two miscarriages one after another.

In 1993, Whitney managed to finally have a baby. She had a daughter Christina. However, the idyll in family relations did not last long. She still had issues with alcohol and drugs. In the end her singing career soon went downhill. She legalized the divorce only in 2007. After that, Whitney received a successful course of treating drug addiction. However, decisive steps, as it turned out, were made too late.

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